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  • The ‘almost after’ Stairs Update

    The ‘almost after’ Stairs Update

    So here we are.  The official “before” shot of our entry way and stairs. Wait, hold up.  This isn’t really the ‘before’ shot.  Here’s the REAL before shot from the day we moved in.

  • Home Goals 2012

    Home Goals 2012

    I’m linking up with TheNester to set out my home goals for 2012.

  • Carpet–Part II

    Carpet–Part II

    I was right.  Shopping for carpet or rug really isn’t that fun.  It’s not what I jump up and down in excitement to spend my money on. Then for a very large room it can often be tricky adding style, but I found some fabulous extra-large rugs recently which look amazing, so that makes it easy […]

  • Carpet–how boring.

    Carpet–how boring.

    I can’t believe I’m going to look at carpet today.  I’ve always thought of having hardwoods throughout my new home, and while that will be the case on the first floor, I’ve had a change of heart about the upstairs.

  • The Dreaded Stairs

    The Dreaded Stairs

      Here they are before we moved in.  Notice the stains?  The wallpaper? ick. Then the day after The Lettered Cottage and HGTV crew left I took advantage of the Discount Dumpster Rental left in our drive way and, with the help of my hubs and mother, we ripped up every inch of carpet in […]