Home Goals 2012

Home Goals 2012

I’m linking up with TheNester to set out my home goals for 2012.

I’m going to list my top 3 things to do in 2012.  There are many more, but I’m not sure if it’s actually possible to do more financially and time wise–I mean, I’ve got to get the dinero to do the renovations!

I read at TheNester that she’s getting debt free and paying cash for everything now.  That’s AWESOME!  My husband and I are debt free except for our mortgage and we plan to keep it that way.  It takes much more patience in waiting until you can afford to buy something rather than swiping the good ol’ AmEx, but then you don’t have the debt cloud following you around raining on you like Charlie Brown.

In my humble opinion, being financially responsible is probably one of the healthiest things you can do for your marriage.

So here we go.  In 2012,  the top 3 goals for our home are:

  1. Have carpet installed upstairs.
  2. Complete a Kitchen renovation
  •      Paint Cabinets
  •      Upgrade from ugly 1987 junky appliances to stainless steel.
  •      New countertops
  •      Out with the florescent lighting and in with recessed and pendant lighting
  •      Place horizontal paneling on the walls in our breakfast area.
  •      Obtain a casual dining set

3.  Obtain new/used furniture for the master bedroom and make the room cozy and romantic. We also want to get a chiropractic mattress according to Dewaard & Bode the mattress is the most important part of the bedroom.

I am excited for this new year, and especially excited to tackle the kitchen! I’ll do a post soon about that one.


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