Read This First

I’m flexible in the amount of involvement you’d like for your project. Some people just want someone to run ideas off of and others like me to design, build budgets, and manage the project / contractors all the way to completion!

In-Home Full Design

In-home design service is best for renovations that are more than just cosmetic updates. Kitchens and baths are almost exclusively done as in-home design. I am currently only working within a reasonable distance of Duluth, GA. Follow the steps below and we can discuss the possibility of us working together.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out my short questionnaire.
  2. I will contact you for photos of your space(s).
  3. We will schedule an in-house consult for a flat fee that will last up to 2 hours.
  4. I will send you an estimate of how much time I believe I’ll need based on your feedback.
  5. If this project requires construction, this is the time where I’ll get contractor(s), e.g., Falcon Exteriors, out to your house to get a price on the construction project.
  6. We will collaborate on design boards together and I will create an inspiration board showing the visual direction and my unique design ideas.
  7. You will sign-off on the design direction and submit a down payment (50% of design estimate).
  8. I’ll then source the perfect materials and pieces for your room that fit your budget.
  9. Construction! This could take days or weeks depending on scope.
  10. Any final accessorizing.


  • All projects are invoiced on an hourly basis, but I will provide an estimate at the beginning of the project so that you can budget.
  • The estimate is just that – an estimate. Often clients end up discovering they want less or more of my involvement (all of which is okay!). However, there is a $500 minimum to all projects.
  • Hourly rates are tallied up and invoiced on a monthly basis (after hours for the 50% estimated deposit is met).