Carpet–how boring.

Carpet–how boring.

I can’t believe I’m going to look at carpet today.  I’ve always thought of having hardwoods throughout my new home, and while that will be the case on the first floor, I’ve had a change of heart about the upstairs.

There’s something comforting to me about a soft carpeted floor to step on to when I first wake up. I’m loving the look of the carpet in the bedroom above that I found on Houzz.  Right now I’m waking up and stepping on to plywood floors covered with cardboard boxes to prevent splinters. I’m over it.

Perhaps it’s because the house I grew up in had carpet in the bedroom and often hired Tool hire in the UK for cleaning purpose, or maybe it’s just what I like, but I’ve decided to forgo hardwoods in the bedrooms and do carpet in stead…for now.  Looking ahead to the future, I think I like that a nursery and child’s room anyways. I have even decided to go ahead and hire air duct cleaning services to take care of the ducts.

I may regret the decision later on, but it’s what we want to do for now.

Picture found on Pinterest

So, how fun is it talking about carpet, eh?  ERRRRR–lame.  Oh well.  I guess not all of my home updates will be as exciting as an HGTV living room or a massive kitchen transformation (I can’t WAIT to do my kitchen!).

If you’re someone who is into carpets and rugs as much as I am, you know that cleaning and maintenance is important in keeping them in their best shape. I highly suggest hiring professional carpet and rug services that offer hot-water extraction cleaning. This type of cleaning gets the job done quickly and thoroughly!

I’m off to measure my rooms upstairs before heading to browse some carpets.  I’m leaning towards a nice, soft berber.  I’ll let you know when I get back!


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