Carpet–Part II

Carpet–Part II

I was right.  Shopping for carpet or rug really isn’t that fun.  It’s not what I jump up and down in excitement to spend my money on. Then for a very large room it can often be tricky adding style, but I found some fabulous extra-large rugs recently which look amazing, so that makes it easy to add some great style to a large room.

Anyways, I’m back from the carpet store and  I’ve got to be honest; I’m a bit deflated.  I went in thinking I knew about how much it would cost for our upstairs, but what I didn’t plan on was that my tastes are darn expensive.  Every time I asked the sales lady “what about this one?  will it fit in our budget?” she responded with an emphatic “no” “nope” “not even close” and ” if you want to spend double your max budget”.  Oops, I guess I was way off.

The good news is that we hired home carpet cleaning irvine that is IN the budget and I do kind of like it.  I have to tell myself that it’s just carpet—IT’S JUST CARPET, EMILY.

We’re going to let the sample rest in our bedroom for a few days to make sure we like it still and to figure out exactly which color to go for.  I want the lightest carpet flooring color, but I’m not so sure that’s the best way to go since it will show stains very easily.  On the other hand, the only thing that would likely be spilled in our bedroom is water…so maybe I can to light!

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Now off to try some different wood-aging techniques!

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  1. Hey Em! Alex just told me about your blog – looking forward to reading it! I failed miserably with our blog…maybe I will pick it up again to show the “after” pictures…

    Anyway…picking out carpet wasn’t so fun for us either…but here is a little from our experience. We went to several places in Dalton, GA on the way home from IL/OH one time…actually it might have been on our way home after our wedding….and then we went to discount places on 85 by Jimmy Carter, and then Home Depot and Lowes. We wanted quality, but within our budget. I can still remember the spreadsheets of price comparisons. We ended up finding Lowes to be the cheapest and best quality because we got free installation and 10% with a coupon…and I even think they knocked the price down a little. And we got Stainmaster which seemed to be great quality. We were also encouraged to go for quality padding, since that will make it extra soft. So…for what it is worth, that was our experience – and we love ours! We got it within a week of ordering and the installation guys were great. Some of the places on Jimmy Carter or whatever that area is with “carpet row” were willing to match and stuff…and the carpet liquidators had nice stuff, but it wasn’t always cheaper…unless it was what they had in stock. Anyway – goooood luck! it can be tiring and stressful but I am sure you will loooove your new carpet once you get it!!

    • Thank you SO much, Megan! Before I read your comment I heard a Lowes commercial on the radio about the exact deal you got! I think I’ll go by there today and see what they have:-) I’m SO ready to have something on our floors upstairs!

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