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  • Paundry Room? Lantry?

    Paundry Room? Lantry?

    I’m not sure what to call this room.  It was made to be the laundry room, but since the kitchen doesn’t have enough storage for my liking, it’s turning in to my pantry as well. No matter what type of job you work in, you’re bound to have relied on storage cabinet amazon, putting things in and taking […]

  • Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom

    1. Found on Pinterest. 2. Horchow “Basil” Flushmount Fixture 3. Plymouth Cheveron Ikat Black  Rug ON CLEARANCE NOW! 4. Tripod Fan found here. 5. Found on Pinterest. 6. 7. fabric for love seat: Amy Butler Kasbah in Emerald

  • As Soon as I Get the ‘OK’

    Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures from the HGTV pilot episode with The Lettered Cottage. But trust me, as SOON as I can I will put up all the details and after pictures for you to see.  It’s so pretty!

  • 12×12 Dining Room

    12×12 Dining Room

    Who knew a 12×12 Dining Room would take me 3 weeks to finish.  Here’s a reminder of how the room has been slowly progressing: I originally planned on it taking one Saturday to complete the entire room (except for floors).  I was way off.  But the good news is that with some loving pressure from […]

  • Wallpaper destroyer!

    Wallpaper destroyer!

    That’s right, Alex is a lean, mean wallpaper removing machine!  Look what he did while my mom and I were painting last night: