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  • Learning to paint

    Learning to paint

    I realized now is the best time to paint the exterior and I’ve been painting since yesterday afternoon. It’s only a 12×12 room. Why is it taking me so long? I am now considering to hire a contractor and  an exterior painter from the painters dublin company for the interior and exterior painting of the house. My […]

  • A week with HGTV & TheLetteredCottage

    A week with HGTV & TheLetteredCottage

    Wow!  I feel like I had the weirdest dream and that a fairy came and gave us a new room.  Last week is almost a blur. It went by so fast and was like a tornado of change in our living room. I am super bummed that I can’t post pictures until after the pilot […]

  • Renoventure in Process

    Renoventure in Process

    Today is day 3 of the Renovation Adventure, or “Renoventure”, as Layla & Kevin have awesomely titled it. Just as a reminder, here’s the sneak peak of the living room they’re tackling before they got their hands on it:

  • Let’s get serious now

    Let’s get serious now

    I am such a blog slacker….big ol’ slacker.  I’ve mostly not blogged because I haven’t had anything interesting to blog about, but that’s changing my friends! 1. We’re home owners of this beauty 2. We made new friends.  Meet Kevin and Layla Palmer @ The Lettered Cottage. Their blog is not only pretty, but it’s […]

  • Dream House…part deux

    Dream House…part deux

    What we thought would be “the one”. Update: “Dream House” in previous post turned in to nightmare house. Thankfully, we took our inspectors advice and had a structural engineer take a look at the foundation. Long story short, the house had some hidden red flags that could eventually lead to some very major repairs. The […]