Flip House Progress update No.2

Flip House Progress update No.2

Today the contractors will pack up the rest of their tools and trash and drive away from the house leaving it all to me.  Yikes.  Once they’re gone, it’s my turn to step in and paint every inch of the house.  The contractors did an incredible job  prepping the walls for their final coat of paint, but now all of the doors, trim and windows need their semi-gloss coat and the walls need a fresh color to finish it all off. Speaking of doors and windows, I’d planned on replacing them with other sliding windows that have linear bearings to them. This would immensely improve the home’s aesthetics, get the best energy efficeinet windows.

This flip has been a fairly quick one thanks to the help from the carpentry services dublin.  From closing until listing it will only be a little over a month.  That’s craziness and I’m fairly certain that’s not how most flips go.  I think God is being gracious with us on this first venture.

With all that has gone right, I’d not be fully truthful if I didn’t expose what didn’t go right, or rather the unexpected that is usually involved in any foreclosure.

When we got our inspection report, we knew there were some plumbing issues. We seached for 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Services near me and got the plumbing issues fixed by professional plumbers.  Because of the plumbing issues in the laundry room, there was some mold that needed some mold remediation.




We budgeted for new sheetrock and mold treatment behind the wall.  Unfortunately, once the moldy sheetrock and flooring were removed we were able to see completely rotten floor joists.  The source of the water damage was pretty obvious once the wall was removed– someone had drilled directly into one of the pipes. A water damage restoration service with the help of a water restoration contractor must be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible following any sort of water ingress.  I’m not sure if it was the water line or the drainage, but with the advises that we found in this website we found the problem but this was my first “oh no.  How much is that going to cost us?!” moment.  Thankfully, it was only one of a few things that hit our budget unexpectedly. Beyond that, the only other thing to hit our budget that we could see the page detailing us was adding the lighting to the kitchen and living room.


Thank the Lord for a great contractor!  No seriously, I thank God for him.  If you’re local and need a contractor, contact me and I’ll pass along his info!  I started using Robert at our last house in our master bath renovation and since then he finished the attic space in the old house, renovated our current kitchen and master bathroom and screened porch.  Finding a contractor who is trustworthy, good, and communicates is a rare thing, so I’m incredibly thankful to have him as my go-to guy when projects arise.

The exterior has been painted (well, it’s being finished as I type!).  Here’s a peek:

The white is Sherwin Williams Alabaster and the doors, windows, and shutters are SW Chelsea Gray. I have also added custom blinds to make the rooms standout.  That green roof was tricky for me!  It’s not my ideal color for a roof, but it is in good condition so it wasn’t going anywhere. Glad that I got some tips from a variety of professional roof repair services in Shelby TownshipI just think it needs a new gutter installationThe warm white and gray play well with the green, and not to mention the beautiful tree line behind the house!  The wooded surroundings help the roof to blend into the background.

Countertops and backsplash are in since I last updated.  The range, faucet, and light should be installed by end of day today.



The bathroom is turning out better than I imagined.  I was worried that going from a single vanity to a double was going to make it feel crowded in the already small bathroom, but somehow it didn’t AT ALL.  It feels twice the size now.  Once the mirrors are up I’ll take some better pics, but every extra inch I gained by switching from a one-piece shower/bathtub to a soaking tub with tile surround (it’s a little less deep than the pre-fab before piece), to moving the toilet a little closer to the tub, has had a huge impact on the only bathroom in the house.


I’m really pleased with the vanity I bought off of Amazon.  It’s on wayfair too, but ended up being cheaper on Amazon (affiliate links used).  Plus, you know…PRIME IS LIFE.  The vanity is 26″ which feels like twice the height as the old one, but boy does it look GOOD.  And storage.   A lot more storage.



I’ll list all of my sources in one final reveal post later on.  If you want to know something now, just comment and I’ll try to get back to you sooner.

Next time I post I better be finished with painting and ready to list the house!


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  1. I almost bought that vanity for our master bath reno! But went with a darker style from the same line, and also bought from Amazon. The flip looks great!! I’ll have to import you to Mississippi at some point for help with redoing our galley kitchen!

    • Full disclosure–I went with the gray because it was $300 less than the other colors!

      I’m available for digital consultations and I think galley kitchens are awesome! 😉

  2. Love it!! The bathroom is gorgeous!! I must have missed before pics of the bath, did you post those? I love, love, love the bathroom floor. You have an amazing talent Emily!!

  3. Looks awesome! So excited to see it fully completed. Jadon and I bought the house we live in now as a fixer upper so I always love seeing a good house transformation!

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