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World Market Essex Chair

Okay, so I know I wrote this elaborate post about getting the guest bathroom renovated before Christmas so my mother-in-law would have a shiny new space to use when she visited us.

Well, it didn’t happen.  Womp, womp.

The estimate for the bathroom was about $1000 more than we want to spend so we held off.  I scrubbed the bathroom and shined it up as best I could, and now I’m setting the room aside–for now, of course.

New plan.

I have my husband to thank for this one:  finish the entire downstairs.  That sounds like a daunting task, but all that means is getting furniture for Alex’s to-be dining room turned office & new flooring everywhere downstairs except for the living room.

As Alex and I were doing some after Christmas shopping we came across some gorgeous, rich, sexy chairs at World Market.

World Market Essex Chair

These chairs make me feel like a grown up.

They were on sale, but still $360 each–a very pretty penny for us.  We both really loved them (which is actually a pretty rare occurrence) and we had some Christmas money to put towards them too, so we swiped them right up!  Fast forward two days later and I get an e-mail with my birthday coupon to World Market for 15% off!  I took my receipt to the store and got $108 back—and THAT is what’s up. Side not: my birthday isn’t until May.  WM thinks it’s in January.  It may or may not be my fault that they think that.

A few days later I found a great desk on Craigslist.  We’re going for a sophisticated space and an executive desk is what we feel help give it that feel.

Craigslist desk

Craigslist desk

(pics from craigslist ad)

That desk is crazy heavy, but we managed to get it put together and now I just need to clean it up and put some shine polish on it to smooth out some of the scratches.

Paint color is where I’m at now. I want a very masculine color, but not dark.  I’m thinking a smoky, beige-y, grayish ménage à trois.

I was thinking of Sherwin Williams Roycroft Mist Gray.  I just googled it to see if I could find a picture of it used in a room, and it happens to be what Layla used in their guest room/office!

SW Roycroft Mist Gray

This picture makes it seem like the paint has green undertones, so it may not be our pick after all, but I’ll see what the sample looks like for us. Roycroft Mist Gray by SW

I’m really excited about this room.  It’s a small 12×12 space, but it can be something awesome if I can project in to action what I see in my head.




PROGRESS as a dining room



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Those chairs are seriously hot. Great find and awesome that you were able to get a bit back with a coupon. Can’t wait to see the space together.



Emily. I stumbled upon your blog from Kim’s post about needing to check out your kitchen. I think we’re living parallel lives. Here’s why: I am Emily. My husband is Alex. We had a DIY wedding (11.06.09). We have remodled our entire home (including the Kitchen in summer 2010). Ok, so that’s really where the buck stops, but I thought the coincidences were too funny to not comment! And your kitchen is flippin’ fabulous. I will now resume stalking your old posts. 🙂



HAHA–that’s totally weird…and awesome! 🙂



The previous owners *really* loved wallpaper, huh? 🙂





jackie jade

nice find on those chairs and that is awesome that they gave you a refund! some places are so crazy about not doing that. new to your blog!



Looking to replace carpet with tile come Sping. Am thinking it would be opportunity to change baseboards.

House was built in 2006, they are 2 inchs. What size are they now adays? Or should I leave well enough alone?
House is 1600 sq ft, tiling 3 bedrooms (13×12, 12×10, 10×10)


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