On to the next project: guest bathroom

On to the next project: guest bathroom

Now that the kitchen is complete, the next room on our list is the hallway bathroom upstairs.  I would love to tackle our master bath right now, but it will be a much larger project, a much higher budget, and my mother-in-law might be staying with us over Christmas and the guest bath is completely disgusting to even shower in.  So the guest bath wins!

The ultimate goal would to have it finished before Christmas.  That’s quite the lofty goal.  I’m not super confident it will happen, but we’re going to try!

I want to do this bathroom as simplistic as possible in order to be as budget friendly as possible. Bathrooms are expensive in general because there’s a lot of things that have to go in the space, but I love finding deals and I’m going to make cheap tile work as well as install hand washing stations!

I’ve perused a billion inspiration pictures and these are the ones that stick out the most to me:

Bathroom Inspiration


Bathroom Inspiration




Notice a pattern? I’m definitely digging a WHITE bathroom.  It just screams clean and that’s exactly what I want in a bathroom. My fear is that it will feel too sterile, but I’m hoping that accents in the room will be able to take away from that feeling.

Here is my (pathetic attempt at an) inspiration board:

guest bath inspiration

1. Ikea Mirror 2. Home Depot Light 3. Vessel Sink 4. Vessel Faucet 5. Shower/Bath System 6. Hexagon floor tile 7. Subway tile tub surround

Ideally, I’d like to tile around the wall about 3.5 feet from floor up, but I need to factor in cost and see if it’s in budget or not.  I think I’d need to tear down my current dry wall and put up cement board to do that, and I can tell you now that that’s not going to be in the budget.

[…the contractor is here]

Okay, my contractor just came and checked out the bathroom so I can get an estimate.  Part of updating this outdated house has been knowing when to hire out and when to DIY.  This room will be a large tile job and some plumbing work–this is a hire-out / DIY combo room.

guest bath

Here’s my breakdown on what I’m DIY’ing vs. what I’m hiring out:

ME: painting walls (OVER WALLPAPER!), painting vanity, painting ceiling, changing vanity light.

Hiring Out:  demo, tiling floors, tiling shower/tub, installing vessel sink, tiling walls (if budget allows)

guest bath

Between me and them, we should be good to go before Christmas…as long as it’s going to cost close to what I’m estimating, of course!

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  1. Hi Emily! Emily here. I’m looking to do something very similar to one of my bathrooms. White for the win! Do you mind me asking what your estimate was? Ballpark is fine. I just have no idea.
    Thank you!

    • What up, Em?! 🙂
      So, all the materials that I’ve picked out (wall tile, floor tile, tub surround tile, tub, shower hardware, vanity top, vessel sink, faucet, lighting) it will be about $1000. The contractor that gave me my estimate for labor said $5000. That is definitely on the high end and I’ll be getting other quotes once we are ready to tackle it again. I was thinking that for everything it would be about $5000, materials & labor. Hope that helps!

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