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  • Office in Progress

    Office in Progress

    Okay, so I know I wrote this elaborate post about getting the guest bathroom renovated before Christmas so my mother-in-law would have a shiny new space to use when she visited us. Well, it didn’t happen.  Womp, womp. The estimate for the bathroom was about $1000 more than we want to spend so we held […]

  • 12×12 Dining Room

    12×12 Dining Room

    Who knew a 12×12 Dining Room would take me 3 weeks to finish.  Here’s a reminder of how the room has been slowly progressing: I originally planned on it taking one Saturday to complete the entire room (except for floors).  I was way off.  But the good news is that with some loving pressure from […]

  • Learning to paint

    Learning to paint

    I realized now is the best time to paint the exterior and I’ve been painting since yesterday afternoon. It’s only a 12×12 room. Why is it taking me so long? I am now considering to hire a contractor and  an exterior painter from the painters dublin company for the interior and exterior painting of the house. My […]