Window Stencil

Window Stencil


I found a great idea on Pinterest a while back that linked me to the 7th House on the Left blog….and what a great blog it is!

The Pinterest link was to a DIY Con-tact Paper window.  I immediately thought about my downstairs half-bath that has a window facing the screened-in-porch.  We had a make shift curtain in the form of a towel for the first few weeks.  It disappeared somehow and it’s just been a bare window since then but my plan is to remodel it with the help of the local contractor, the page they own online showed many quality works so i decided to hire them for next week.

A few days after the fabulous Pinterest find I went to a “Pinterest Party” where myself and a few other girlfriends gathered at our friends house and had a fun, crafty morning with yummy Pinteresty food and coffee.  It was so much fun and I spent hours looking for high impact glass options, tracing and cutting out the window stencil.  I wish I had pictures from that day, but I’m sure we’ll have another one soon so hopefully I’ll remember to capture the fun then!

Here’s the stencil from 7th House on the Left:

You only need a few (cheap!) things to do this project:

…and a good pair of scissors!

I started AND finished the window today. It took me a while to get the hang of things, but after a few trials I found my method to getting the con-tact paper up smoothly.  The rest of the bathroom is still icky and untouched, but at least the window is pretty!


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