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  • A little bit of everything

    A little bit of everything

    It’s been a minute since I’ve given an update, so here I am.  This is a modge podge of a blog post. 1st-the good ol’ half bath. I am having THE hardest time getting good pictures in this dark room.  There isn’t any sunlight because the screened-in-porch is behind it, so this is what I […]



    Man, I’m so sick of this dang half bath.  One thing I’ve learned, or shall I say keep learning, is that I should never under estimate a project.  The things that I think will be small and easy just don’t seem to ever turn out that way. Here’s the bathroom when I last blogged-

  • The BEST way to remove wallpaper

    The BEST way to remove wallpaper

    When we first got this house I had no idea how much time I’d actually be spending taking down wallpaper.  I started in my kitchen and tried several methods:  steam,  wetting with a sponge, and then I discovered “the one”.  In the early removal stages I damaged my walls.  Some of the sheetrock even got […]

  • Half Bath Ideas

    Half Bath Ideas

    Quick update about the carpet–we weren’t completely satisfied with the carpet options (& prices!) of the carpet store we originally went to so I took the samples back to the stores and headed to Lowes.  They are having a Stainmaster special right now so I thought I’d check that out.  I was happily surprised to […]

  • Confession


    So, you know that post I wrote yesterday?  The one about the awesome window stencil? Well, I did love it…until I went back to 7th House on the Left and compared mine to hers. Rookie blogger mistake–always double check your work before you publish a post!