Upstairs Flooring Update

Upstairs Flooring Update

We’re making progress!!! YEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

It’s been a few weeks since I loaded up my car with the Lapacho Laminate flooring from the Floor & Decor Outlet in Atlanta.


We let the Metallic Epoxy flooring acclimatize for 72 hours…and then for another two weeks while we worked, kept busy, and vacationed in NYC.  We procrastinated enough and last weekend things got busy in the Morrison house!  I got back to tackling the downstairs half-bath epoxy flooring (which I will write more about later–the wallpaper just about beat me) and Alex went to work upstairs to do the vinyl tile installation. If you are looking for more hardwood flooring installation options, you might want to consider visiting True Hardwoods for high-quality hardwood flooring as well as vinyl plank flooring.

The contractor he hired at started last Friday night by repairing the floors really well.  This meant nailing down anything that was sticking up.  Removing balls of carpet padding that were still slightly attached to the floor. Vacuuming extremely well to get up any and all dust and particles on the sub-floors.

Next came the underlayment.  We didn’t want to spend a ton on the stuff because being on the 3rd floor from the ground we don’t have to worry about moisture rising, and we really haven’t had a sound issue even just being on sub-floors.  I did some research and found a very reasonably priced underlayment at Amazon with great reviews.  I bought eight rolls of the stuff and the total was around $175.  It’s also worth mentioning how easy it cuts and goes down and has a 3 inch film overlap with adhesive strip for seamless protection. 

Alex started in his office.  His still very pinkish/purple office with glow and the dark stars on the ceiling.  We’ll be heading to that room soon enough to fix it up.  I can’t wait to mid-century modern the heck out of that room!  Remember my Mad Men inspiration board for it?  Oh yeah.

The office floor is finished, all I need to do is to install a few acoustic panels on the wall (if you do not know what these are, visit  He’s recovering from the soreness of it all and will probably move on to the hallway and guest bedroom this weekend (fingers crossed!). Pardon the dusty floors, tools, underlayment peeping out the sides and lack of toe molding.  It’ll all come together in time.


Our progress is slow, but that’s just how it is for us.  I dream of not having a job and devoting all my time to fixing up the house.  Until then, we’ll take it at a pace that doesn’t kill us.

I’m so happy to see a room with engineered flooring upstairs!!!  Seriously, I can’t type my excitement…but it’s to the utmost degree of excitability! 🙂




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    • Sorry for the late reply —

      Unfortunately I can’t give much of an update because we moved from that house about a year and a half ago. However, from 2012-2015 it held up great except for when we put a humidifier on the floor. Stupid move….don’t do that with laminate 🙂

  1. Hi Emily, I was wondering if the floors have a red undertone. I saw a sample in the store and didn’t think so but pictures online look so different and definitely seems like it does!

    • I don’t recall them having a red undertone at all. We haven’t lived in that house for a while so I can’t go back and look 🙂

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