Eyelet curtains??

Eyelet curtains??

For some reason I’ve always had an aversion for eyelet curtain rings.  You know, the curtains that have the wide curtain rod rings that are made in to the curtains? Some call them grommets?  Anyways,  I recently bought some curtains for Alex’s office that I hope to get put up this weekend and I LOVE everything about them…except that they are eyelet.  Am I just picky?  I don’t seem to mind them when I see them other places, and have even picked them out for a friend’s place & they look great..but I just can’t get in to them for my house.

What I have for the office are SANELA gray velvet curtains from IKEA.

sanela eyelet curtains ikea

Compare the above picture with the different pleats below.

Drapery 1_functional


Does anyone else get the same feeling about eyelets as I do?  Perhaps they look too casual for my liking?  I get the feeling of a college dorm room when I look at them.  OH! Maybe I could spraypaint the metal rings a brassy-gold to give it some maturity???  Hmmmm…Oh shoot I think I might have just added a project for the weekend.

I know this isn’t the most entertaining post in the world, but sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest statement in a room.  I am a firm believer that window treatments are the mascara and eyeliner a window needs to bring them to life.  Without them they just look cold, sad  & naked!

Now let me give IKEA a little love here.  I’m not the biggest fan of big box stores simply for the lack of originality, but I have absolutely zero problems with getting my curtains from IKEA.  Oh, and the hardware too!  Compared to any other store I’ve been to (I’m talking Target, Walmart, World Market, Bed Bath & Beyond…) their curtain rods are not just cheaper in price, but they are higher in quality than many rods that are at least double in price. So, just a tip–head to IKEA for your curtain hardware!

So if all goes as planned this weekend I’ll be putting the curtains up in the office, scraping the windows of excess paint, and arranging the furniture in the room.  Check out these made to measure curtains available at Fabric Direct.
Stay tuned!



13 responses to “Eyelet curtains??”

  1. I hate them in my home too, although when I see them in other’s spaces they don’t bother me. Are they long enough you can just cut them off and hem them, adding pleating tape at the top?

    • That’s definitely what I was thinking when I bought them! I’m going to give them a try as-is for the time being, but knowing myself I don’t see them staying that way forever:)

  2. Emily- found you through YHL and like your style. I have grommet curtains from Pottery Barn. They are white and are in the kitchen and family room. We have an open floor plan and they are even on the sliding glass doors. It was a big splurge but worth it. I love them. Hope you end up feeling the same way!

  3. Recently found your site and love your writing style. What about hanging them with the grommets at the bottom? You could just use clips at the top or if you don’t like that you could sew a seam to use as a rod pocket.

  4. I am not a fan of the grommets, either! Cannot. Stand. Them. Totally get it. 🙂 If the curtains are long enough, you can cut the grommet section off and hem them. That would be what I would do, provided I had the energy to sew. 🙂

  5. I like the grommeted curtains in some rooms, but I find they work better when a room’s style leans more toward modern, rather than traditional. I have them on the curtain in my (not home) office but if I brought these curtains home, I’d probably build a pelmet to hide the curtain rod.

  6. I think the same thing, no grommet curtains. I have stood there and stared at the
    Ikea curtains many times and tried to convince myself I would not mind the grommets but I just can’t seem to do it. I am interested to see how your room looks with them or if u change them up.

  7. Love the blog. I’m considering these curtains for my living room (although in a different color). Are these lined? How have they held up?

    • Thanks, Tracy:) They’re not lined but they are very heavy weight/thick. They really don’t need a liner to keep the sun out. They’re holding up great. I love these curtains and would buy them again (if Ikea had more of a color selection). You can tell by the price that they’re nicer than their other curtain selections.

  8. Hi, I’ve just found your page, because I wanted to see if some one else felt like me about those horrendous curtains! I believe there’s only one place for them and that’s left on the shelf! Have you ever closed them and thought how ugly they look, I took mine down never to be hung again. Take a tip from me and buy beautiful pencil pleats to dress your windows. Elaine xx

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