English Kitchen Moodboard

English Kitchen Moodboard

I am currently finishing up a kitchen for a client & wanted to show you the initial design idea I had for the space.  She wanted a “white kitchen”, which is an extremely broad concept as a white kitchen can look a million different ways.  The more I saw the space and heard that she wasn’t afraid of color I came up with the mood board below.

Unfortunately we had to forgo custom cabinetry so this design ended up not being possible, but what we came up with instead was beautiful as it was done by experts from https://www.myhousepainter.com/painters/georgia/ and I will be sharing it on here after it’s completed.

I still want to bring this kitchen to life, so if you like the look of this then let me know and I can make it happen for you!  Or you can take this inspiration and go at it yourself, then send me some pictures of your kitchen!

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