Christmas obsessed before Thanksgiving….anyone else?

Christmas obsessed before Thanksgiving….anyone else?

I know for a fact I’m not the only Target obsessed person out there.  I’m not the only mom pushing her kids around in the cart shoving their faces with snacks so I can browse the home decor aisles in some semblance of peace.  That may not get me the mom of the year award, but I’m not ashamed!  It’s worth every ounce of Pirate Booty dust.

Lately I’ve been doing my Target runs while my oldest is in school so I just have one little one to deal with.  On our run today I discovered that Target has put out all of their Christmas decor.  And guys.  Y’all.  It’s GOOD.  It’s really, really GOOD.

I figured some may not have the luxury to do a quiet Target run, so here are the highlights from my trip today–and I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!  No one said you had to decorate early, but you may want to buy early before this stuff sells out!


Okay, so I’m not personally a taxidermy person.  I love it in other people’s spaces, but it has never felt like “me” so I’ve never used it.  But these  “deer heads” have my name all over them.  I want the large one to put over my french doors in the living room!


What DOES say “me” are these marble Christmas trees.  That has Emily Morrison written all over it.  These are timeless.  They’re actually on sale online right now for the next 2 days. They range from $13.49-$17.99 depending on the size, plus an extra 15% off if you do Order Pickup. And not to mention the extra 5% for the Target RedCard (does anyone NOT have a red card?  The extra 5% off everything and it’s linked directly to my checking account – done and done.)  Husband–are you reading this?  Can I have these pleeeeease?

It’s hard to see, but the “JOY” decor set in the picture below is steel letters with moss.  It’s so pretty!!

More moss with the wreath and Christmas trees.  I have a little love for moss. And the copper/glass houses would be beautiful on my mantel.  Again…husband?  Are you reading this?






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