Inspiration Boards,

Why just white?

Black trim

I’m having another moment of design evolution.  When we first bought our home in 2011 I thought the only way to make a room look good was to have crisp white trim.

White Trim


I think I assumed it was the rule to prettiness.  I’m pretty sure I pinned the above picture on Pinterest at the time as well.  And why wouldn’t I?  It’s beautiful!

Something happened over the past year, though, and my personal style has changed. I love this board showing different styles.  Which style fits your taste the best?Design style(source)

I most definitely had the biggest draw to the eclectic look. I love that it looks unique.  I feel like I would be relaxed and comfortable in that room, and that it would be a room that no one else has.  I never in a million years would have thought I’d describe my taste as “eclectic”.  But, what the hay…I guess I’m just a little wild! (bazinga)

Back to trim:  If not white, then what?  Well, to that I say, anything!  Blue, green, gray, mocha–why not?!

My first step in to this non-white trim world is in the new office.  I finished painting it over the weekend and it’s a monochromatic greige room–I can’t wait for the room to be finished and post a reveal!  This is what the room looks like right now.  It’s a mess, but what mid-renovation room isn’t?

Office in Progress

Oh! Side note:  I bought a new light fixture for the room today!  You didn’t think I was keeping that chandelier up did you?  It doesn’t exactly scream “masculine office”. I’ll write about that more later.

Painting the office trim a color other than white gave me the courage I needed to move forward and dare step outside the box of white trim.  Why is it a scary feeling when you do something different than the norm?  I think it’s just going from a “safe” choice to something that might be more unique and not as aesthetically pleasing to every eye. But come on, folks!  You only live once!  I know I’m only talking paint, but take chances. Be a little daring.


Beautiful black.

It doesn’t look dark and gothic.

It gives me a feeling of luxury when in a high gloss finish, but it gives me a different feeling of funky when in a flat finish.

These pictures are giving me the inspiration to take the black trim upstairs to the bedroom!  Hellllllo luxurious, romantic bedroom! (TMI?)

Black trim


Black trim

(from Pinterest. Source not linked.)

Black trim

(from Pinterest. Source not linked.)

Let’s see if I can pull this one off without reeking of Kardashian-ness!

So what says you?  Yay or nay to non-white trim?

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