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Am I really opening a store?!?!

Being vulnerable isn’t easy for most people. I’m pretty good about being “vulnerable” — you know, the kind of vulnerability that only talks about the things you’ve gotten through, not actual vulnerability that talks about the things you are currently in. I have to be transparent here. This post would never have happened had my husband not told me I need to share what’s going on. I’d rather wait until we did the scary thing and the scary thing was successful, THEN I could share with you all the goings on. That way if I fail, then I can just deal with it and move on and not face public failure.

Well, obviously I’m writing (+ publishing if you’re reading this!) this post with plans to bring my friends along the way of the new scary thing I’m doing.

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Sugar Hill Kitchen Renovation

I’m excited to share my latest kitchen renovation I worked on with a wonderful client in Sugar Hill, GA. When I first met with her she said she wanted a “white kitchen”.  Can you believe I’ve never actually done a white kitchen?!  I didn’t even realize it until she said that’s what she wanted and I was excited to get started and deliver a kitchen she would be over the moon about.

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Sophisticated Master Bathroom Retreat

I’m currently in the planning stage for a big bathroom overhaul at my mom’s house.  She has lived in this house since the early 90’s and the bathroom is in desperate need of help.  There is currently a hot tub that hasn’t been used in over 20 years, an almond color shower insert, old linoleum floors, and all the fixtures you’d expect from a house built in the 80’s.

Here’s the first version of the mood board I came up with and I am a bit envious of this bathroom already. That large picture window is going to be stunning with a free standing tub in front of it and a large chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling!  I’ve also convinced her, very easily I might add, to get a mechanical roman shade so the window can be open as much as possible because the view to her backyard is like being in a treehouse!

The plan is to mix high end with low end and get a perfectly custom, fancy yet comfortable, master spa…I mean bath.

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English Kitchen Moodboard

I am currently finishing up a kitchen for a client & wanted to show you the initial design idea I had for the space.  She wanted a “white kitchen”, which is an extremely broad concept as a white kitchen can look a million different ways.  The more I saw the space and heard that she wasn’t afraid of color I came up with the mood board below.

Unfortunately we had to forgo custom cabinetry so this design ended up not being possible, but what we came up with instead was beautiful as well and I will be sharing it on here after it’s completed.

I still want to bring this kitchen to life, so if you like the look of this then let me know and I can make it happen for you!  Or you can take this inspiration and go at it yourself, then send me some pictures of your kitchen!

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We’re renovating our 3rd (& probably final) home!

If you follow me on Instagram then you’re probably aware that we’re in the middle of renovating our new home.  I started this blog years ago when we bought our very first home as a way to document all of the DIY projects and updating we were going to do with the house.  About 6 years later I still want to document our new home transformation, but not so much on the DIY stuff.  I’m leaving this entire renovation to the professionals and just taking on the design responsibility.

This will be a mammoth post, so grab a cup of coffee and follow along.

A little backstory to the new house:  my grandparent’s built this house in 1979 and it stayed just the way my grandmother designed it until now.  My grandparents are now both deceased and the thought of this house not being in my family anymore saddened me. There are so many memories held in this home, and beyond that, it’s a great property near downtown Duluth with 2 acres of land and mature landscaping.  We’ve wanted some more land than a typical neighborhood offers and we couldn’t pass up on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Here’s what the house looked like as it was being built in 1978/1979.