Client Projects,

Kitchen Reveal of Client No More White

If you missed the first post about Client No More White you can catch up here.

What a luxury to do a “before” post and a reveal in one week!  (I actually have another one coming in a few weeks!) This renovation took place last fall and life got really busy so I didn’t get a chance to take the after photos until last week.  Walking into her house was like walking into a completely different house than before!  Not only was the kitchen new, but the whole house felt loved in a way that it didn’t before.  My heart was warmed hearing how much she loves her new kitchen.  It’s why I love to do what I’m doing!

If you recall, this is what we started with: 

Client Projects,

Kitchen Client: No More White

I recently started taking on clients for their renovation needs.  If you are interested in working together I have updated the menu to include my services!  I’d love to make your home a unique space for you and your family!

Last summer I was approached by a friend about helping her remodel her kitchen.  She really likes where she’s living and didn’t want to move, but she also REALLY wanted a new kitchen.

Her builder grade MDF cabinets that had the plastic coated melamine on them were pealing and swelling and just not cutting it anymore.

House Flipping,

Our 1st Flip House is Finished!

I started writing this post three days ago before my computer died.   I originally wrote that we were “2 days away from listing!”…. but fast forward to this morning and I can say that the flip house went live on MLS last night around dinner time and we’ve already had one showing this morning!  I hope that’s a sign of this being a quick sell.

So here we are with the final reveal.

House Flipping,

Flip House Progress update No.2

Today the contractors will pack up the rest of their tools and trash and drive away from the house leaving it all to me.  Yikes.  Once they’re gone, it’s my turn to step in and paint every inch of the house.  The contractors did an incredible job  prepping the walls for their final coat of paint, but now all of the doors, trim and windows need their semi-gloss coat and the walls need a fresh color to finish it all off.

This flip has been a fairly quick one.  From closing until listing it will only be a little over a month.  That’s craziness and I’m fairly certain that’s not how most flips go.  I think God is being gracious with us on this first venture.

With all that has gone right, I’d not be fully truthful if I didn’t expose what didn’t go right, or rather the unexpected that is usually involved in any foreclosure.

House Flipping,

Flip House No.1 in Progress

We’re about half way finished with renovations so I thought I’d show some progress pictures and go through what exactly we’re doing.

I mentioned in the first post  that I was nervous to write in real-time about this project in case I failed miserably.  Another reason I was hesitant to write about it is that this isn’t a dream renovation.  This isn’t my home where I feel free to put lots of personality and color into it.  This is a home that I want to appeal to a mass audience in hopes of getting the highest sell price possible.

People don’t like to talk money, but