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We’re renovating our 3rd (& probably final) home!

If you follow me on Instagram then you’re probably aware that we’re in the middle of renovating our new home.  I started this blog years ago when we bought our very first home as a way to document all of the DIY projects and updating we were going to do with the house.  About 6 years later I still want to document our new home transformation by Home Inspectors Summerlin, NV, but not so much on the DIY stuff.  I’m leaving this entire renovation to the professionals and just taking on the design responsibility, mainly because the house needs an entire foundation repair before moving on to other things.

This will be a mammoth post, so grab a cup of coffee and follow along.

A little backstory to the new house:  my grandparent’s built this house in 1979 and it stayed just the way my grandmother designed it until now.  My grandparents are now both deceased and the thought of this house not being in my family anymore saddened me. There are so many memories held in this home, and beyond that, it’s a great property near downtown Duluth with 2 acres of land and mature landscaping.  We’ve wanted some more land than a typical neighborhood offers and we couldn’t pass up on this once in a lifetime opportunity and with out leaving aside it was recently inspected by the local restoration contractor you can hire at the website.

Here’s what the house looked like as it was being built in 1978/1979.

Client Projects, The Emory Project,

Master Bathroom Renovation: The Emory Project

Yesterday I wrote about The Emory Project kitchen renovation. If you missed it, you can check it out here.  Today I’m sharing with you the dramatic transformation of their master bathroom.

As much as my clients were wanting a new kitchen, this kitchen renovation service in Calgary noted that their master bathroom was a bit higher on the priority list and that is why we hired the home extensions company.  The husband is over 6ft tall and I can only imagine how many times he slammed his elbows into the shower walls each day while trying to get clean. Besides the poor functionality of the shower, the rest of the room was all beige tile that looked worn and because of the dividing walls the room felt very cramped.  It’s not a big bathroom to begin with, and via Transition Roofing we added the angled roof line after doing a complete roofing replacement to our home, and you’ve got a really cramped master bathroom, not a light and airy master ensuite that they desired.

Client Projects, The Emory Project,

Kitchen Renovation: The Emory Project

The Emory Project is officially completed and I can’t wait to show you the two rooms we renovated.  The first space we’ll look at is the kitchen. For many people the pre-renovated kitchen looks perfect, but to my clients it looked dark, dingy, and dated. For this kitchen remodeling project, they wanted something lighter and brighter and to go from the early 2000’s to 2017.  That’s exactly what we did and now it’s a kitchen that they love to be in with their family and friends. To get the details on some the products we used, check the Granite Transformations info.

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen some before and progress photos.  If not, here’s what we started with:

Client Projects, Modern Farmhouse E-Design,

Modern Farm House E-Design

Long time no type!  The internet silence isn’t from lack of work–I’ve been busier than ever and I have some fun renovations in the works for some clients that I look forward to sharing with you once construction starts!

A little while ago my brother in law, Matt, who is a very talented architect (& so is my sister-in-law Amanda, by the way…what are the odds of having two extremely talented architects as in-laws?) sent me a text telling me to check out Studio McGee on Instagram.  He thought we had similar styles and that I’d enjoy her work.  I immediately girl-crushed on the company and their design is 100% inline with what I see to be beautiful in residential homes, so needless to say I began following the McGee & Co blog and Instagram for inspiration and to look at beautifully created spaces.

It was just a few days ago that Studio McGee did a post on a their PARK CITY CANYONS REMODEL and these photos caught my eye:

Budget Navy Nursery Surprise, Client Projects,

A Navy Nursery Surprise!

Wow.  I feel like I just got off a roller coaster.   This client was presented to me with a VERY short timeline (like two weeks!) and a strict deadline.  I felt up for the challenge and knew how badly this client needed this job done so I immediately jumped into action and came up with a vision.

Did I mention this was a DIY job?

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