Inspiration Boards,

Christmas obsessed before Thanksgiving….anyone else?


I know for a fact I’m not the only Target obsessed person out there.  I’m not the only mom pushing her kids around in the cart shoving their faces with snacks so I can browse the home decor aisles in some semblance of peace.  That may not get me the mom of the year award, but I’m not ashamed!  It’s worth every ounce of Pirate Booty dust.

Lately I’ve been doing my Target runs while my oldest is in school so I just have one little one to deal with.  On our run today I discovered that Target has put out all of their Christmas decor.  And guys.  Y’all.  It’s GOOD.  It’s really, really GOOD.

I figured some may not have the luxury to do a quiet Target run

Inspiration Boards,

Emily, where do you shop for ________?


The questions I get asked most often from friends who are wanting to do some kind of home improvement or decorating is “where do you shop for ______?”.

So I thought I’d do a little post with some of my go-to shops for my home design needs.  I could easily include a lot of super high-end shops that I only dream of shopping at someday, but I think I’d serve my audience better to show where I actually source things because I’m pretty sure my budget is more aligned with most of my readers budget than the very high end stores.   So here we go!  


A Pink Ballet Big Girl Room

pink room green bed toddler ballet room

How frilly is the title of this post?!

Before Kennedy was born I wanted nothing to do with the stereotypical pink nursery.  I wanted neutral all the way.  Then she was born, I hated her bland nursery, and went a little eclectic and wild in her nursery.  Do you remember this space?  This love it or hate it stenciled wall?  I still love it, but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You can see more of the old nursery here.

black and white spotted nursery wall stencil

As Kennedy got a little older she started showing her girly side more and more.