Client Projects,

Modern Farm House E-Design

Long time no type!  The internet silence isn’t from lack of work–I’ve been busier than ever and I have some fun renovations in the works for some clients that I look forward to sharing with you once construction starts!

A little while ago my brother in law, Matt, who is a very talented architect (& so is my sister-in-law Amanda, by the way…what are the odds of having two extremely talented architects as in-laws?) sent me a text telling me to check out Studio McGee on Instagram.  He thought we had similar styles and that I’d enjoy her work.  I immediately girl-crushed on the company and their design is 100% inline with what I see to be beautiful in residential homes, so needless to say I began following the McGee & Co blog and Instagram for inspiration and to look at beautifully created spaces.

It was just a few days ago that Studio McGee did a post on a their PARK CITY CANYONS REMODEL and these photos caught my eye:

I thought for some reason that the space looked familiar to me…and not because I had ever seen this room before.  Then it hit me that some key elements in her space were so similar to an e-design I did for a client back in January or February of this year!  I’ve had every intention of sharing the moodboard on here and it’s just slipped my mind.

(Also, as a little aside, I decided to take e-designs off my services. I really prefer to do larger renovation-type projects, to be hands-on so that the final product can be done to my level of satisfaction, and so that I can confidently attach my name to it. I may pick it up again someday, but for now I’m sticking to in-person design & renovating.)

The client wanted a bit of a “modern farmhouse” style & for it to be casual for her big family.  When I think of modern farmhouse my mind immediately thinks black, white, & natural wood.  This client already had very rustic wood floors so I started the first moodboard off with blacks, whites, and some natural textures with the coffee table. 

This family has a lot of young children in the home so using a round coffee table seemed like a no-brainer to me, but I also just like a round coffee table with a sectional.   I love the plaid rug so much I’m already thinking of using it in the basement family-room of my next house (which doesn’t even exist yet-lol).

As I was creating this space in my head I kept thinking navy would look great too, so I made a second board just to appease my curiosity.  I’m pretty sure the client preferred the navy space so I’m glad I did both!  It feels less farmhouse and more clean and modern (which is more my style as well), but that black sofa still has my heart. I’m such a sucker for a sofa with a saturated color!

If you want to see more of what I’m up to, Instagram is definitely my most-used social media outlet.  According to my husband I’m an Instastory junkie – in both viewing and posting — so come hang with me over there!  I’m going tile shopping (again) for a client’s master bathroom tomorrow and I’m thinking I’ll Instastory the shopping trip if you’re into that kind of thing!




Client Projects,

A Navy Nursery Surprise!

Wow.  I feel like I just got off a roller coaster.   This client was presented to me with a VERY short timeline (like two weeks!) and a strict deadline.  I felt up for the challenge and knew how badly this client needed this job done so I immediately jumped into action and came up with a vision.

Did I mention this was a DIY job?  The budget wasn’t big enough to hire out the work, and since I was doing this job pro bono it meant that most of the sweat labor was all on me.  I sweet-talked my husband into helping me one night with all of the table saw cuts and we got up the board and batten wall.

I took a few iPhone pictures of the room the night we got started.  This was an empty room with old curtains thrown up and the crib and dresser the client already had was assembled and ready to go thanks to my client’s husband.

Let me pause for a moment.  I need to take a little time out.

I was at Northside Forsyth Hospital at 7:30pm last night visiting Belynn, my dear friend who has been stuck on bedrest there for nearly a month.

Belynn has been a total champ, but has been missing her 2 year old Avalynn who she only sees once a day for a short amount of time, and has been stressed about not having a nursery ready for baby boy.  What else are you supposed to think about when you’re stuck in a hospital room and only allowed out of bed for a 20 minute wheel chair ride once a day?!

I visited her one night a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned being sad that she didn’t get to do a nursery, since with her first baby they weren’t living in a home of their own yet and there wasn’t an official nursery room.  This time around she was really looking forward to completing a room before bring home baby.

I was sitting in her hospital room freezing as she was talking (you know pregnant women are ALWAYS hot) so I grabbed a small cup of coffee.  That small cup of coffee woke me up in a big way at 4am later that night.  I sat in my bed staring at the ceiling and it hit me — Emily, you need to get that nursery done for her!  I’m not drowning in cash so I knew I’d need some help to get everything she needed.  I set up a Go Fund Me account at 4:30am and by 8:30 am friends and family had already given $350!  Belynn, if nothing, can make friends wherever she goes, and the amount of people who gave to her nursery fund was so touching!  Thank you to each and every one of you for giving so that I could assemble this room for her!!!

Before I get to the after pictures, I need to preface them by saying I snapped these all in like TEN MINUTES.  I have been running around like crazy trying to get this room finished, all the while knowing that with each day that passed Belynn was getting more and more anxious about not having a nursery.  I needed to let Belynn in on the surprise ASAP, so even though these photos are kind of AWFUL, they’re what I’ve got and I think Belynn would agree that she just wants to see her nursery!!!  Am I right, Belynn??

Okay, friend — here you go.  Your navy nursery all ready to go for when you get to bring your precious baby boy home!

I’m hoping to be able to take some better photos and fix the things that are messed up (there are several, but I’m not writing them out with hopes that you didn’t notice-haha).   Thank you to everyone who helped with their time and/or money!  I’d love to ask you, if you’re reading this before tomorrow, February 22, 2017, to say a prayer for Belynn and her baby boy for a healthy c-section delivery and as healthy of a premie baby you could ask for.


Client Projects,

Client Black and White Kitchen Reveal

I am so excited to finally get to share this kitchen!  My client is slowly renovating their entire house, and if you missed the living room fireplace and built-ins makeover on Monday you can check it out here.  Hopefully I will be let back in to photograph their entry and master bathroom remodels once it’s all finished and I can share that with you as well.

Ok, now to the KITCHEN!  I love kitchens.  Hands down my favorite space to renovate.

Client Projects,

Client Built-ins Makeover

I have known this client for about 6 years.  We go way back to the pre-kid life! When she called me and told me she was under contract on a house and wanted to hire me to design and help plan her renovations I was all in.  This client and friend has a great design eye so I was very flattered that she even considered me to lend her a helping hand!

Their new home is beautiful, but it was also decorated extensively in what looked to be the early 1990’s and was in need of a little love to bring it up to date and in line with their own style.

Their two story living room already had some built-in cabinets, which is a huge bonus, but the top half of them wasn’t working, nor was the faux finish paint.

We went with a very neutral palate, and the crisp white walls with her newly re-finished dark hardwoods are just perfect.

Aren’t you glad you’re not this guy?! I’m not afraid of heights, but even just looking at these photos make me uneasy.

The old mantle was a hodge-podge of painted wallpaper border and layers of wood that were poorly constructed.  The ornateness of what was there had to go.  I rough sketched out a couple of options to see which we liked best. 

The grandiosity of the two story bookshelves was awesome and I envisioned them with a beautiful library ladder, but 1. kids and 2. dollar bills y’all.  Sticking with the existing frame of the bookshelves and switching out the glass for wood shelves was a big cost saver.

One last reminder of the before:

Today her built-ins are 2017 worthy and she’s ready to furnish this room with a chaise sectional and some beautiful chairs.

If you come back on Thursday I will have a reveal of her stunning new kitchen.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw a little sneak peek of her open shelving on my InstaStory Saturday.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll love what this dated kitchen turned into!

Inspiration Boards,

Chandelier Round Up: High vs Low

It’s no secret that picking out new lighting is one of my favorite things during a remodel.  It’s also no secret TO ME that I have very expensive taste.  If I look at something and think “Oh, I love that!!!”, I can guarantee you that 9 times out of 10 it will be significantly out of my price range.

Since I’d consider my family very middle-class America, I thought finding some higher end lighting options at lower end prices would make for a good round up!

Here are some of the good finds I found online earlier today.