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DIY Ikea Jute Rug Stair Runner


A few years ago, at our old house, I had the idea to use a few runners I found at Home Goods to make a runner for our stairs.  If you missed it you can see it here.  I have to admit–that old post makes me cringe.  The wall art, the stairs…man, my taste has changed a bit over the years.  But there’s something about that DIY project that grabs people’s attention.  I still see it pop up on Pinterest as I’m browsing sometimes.  

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Mom’s Kitchen Renovation – Before and After


I grew up in the house my mom still lives in for most of my life.  We’ve affectionately named it the “Kirk Mansion”.  This house was the place to be for all my brother’s friends growing up and the doors have swung open many times to family and friends who needed a place to stay.  The white cape cod was built in the 1980’s and the kitchen still reflected it.  My parents did minor updates when they purchased it in the early 90’s, but the updates were corian countertops and beige, square backsplash tiles with a tile fruit display over the cooktop.

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Having the Right Power Tools for Home Renovation


Renovating your home can be a bit of a drag especially if you don’t have the necessary tools to do some of the heavy-duty jobs. You’ve already drawn makeover inspirations from What Emily Does, applied your personal touch to the design, and began your do-it-yourself project, only to find out you’re missing crucial elements. You may have a toolbox complete with all the essentials, but if you don’t have the right equipment that’s willing and able to do the dirty work, you may end up with more repairs and refurbishing than expected. Here’s where power tools such as bandsaws come into play.

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