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  • Our 1st Flip House is Finished!

    Our 1st Flip House is Finished!

    I started writing this post three days ago before my computer died.   I originally wrote that we were “2 days away from listing!”…. but fast forward to this morning and I can say that the flip house went live on MLS last night around dinner time and we’ve already had one showing this morning!  I […]

  • Flip House No.1 in Progress

    Flip House No.1 in Progress

    We’re about half way finished with renovations so I thought I’d show some progress pictures and go through what exactly we’re doing. I mentioned in the first post  that I was nervous to write in real-time about this project in case I failed miserably.  Another reason I was hesitant to write about it is that this isn’t a dream […]

  • I’m back!

    I’m back!

    My last blog post was over a year ago.  Whoa.  A lot has changed in the last year since that post!  We had another baby, sold our house, moved in with my mom, bought another house, and are currently in the middle of renovations before moving in a few weeks from now.  Just a few […]