Sophisticated Master Bathroom Retreat

Sophisticated Master Bathroom Retreat

I’m currently in the planning stage for a big bathroom remodeling project at my mom’s house.  She has lived in this house since the early 90’s and the bathroom is in desperate need of a bathroom remodeling and bathtub replacement.  There is currently a hot tub that hasn’t been used in over 20 years, an almond color shower insert, old linoleum floors, and all the fixtures you’d expect from a house built in the 80’s. A hot tub repair services company will need to be contacted.

Here’s the first version of the mood board I came up with and I am a bit envious of this bath remodel already. That large picture window is going to be stunning with a free standing tub in front of it and a large chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling!  I’ve also convinced her to get motorized window shades so the window can be opened as much as possible because the view to her backyard is like being in a treehouse!

The plan for the bathroom remodeling is to mix high end with low end and get a perfectly custom, fancy yet comfortable, master spa…I mean bath for which we have hired Indiana Leak Detection, a plumber near me who has lots of experience in luxury bathroom design.

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