Renoventure in Process

Renoventure in Process

Today is day 3 of the Renovation Adventure, or “Renoventure”, as Layla & Kevin have awesomely titled it.

Just as a reminder, here’s the sneak peak of the living room they’re tackling before they got their hands on it:

The first morning before they arrived at the house I was a bundle of emotions–nervous, anxious, excited, freaked out…you get the point. They were running a little behind so we sat looking out our windows and starring at our phones waiting to see or hear a sign of their coming.

Once they pulled up so many of the negative emotions faded and what was left was pure joy and excitement.

Like I said, today is day 3. What that means is that Alex and I are crashed at my mom’s house until Saturday. We got to be hands on and see the design reveal up until late last night, but that’s over and now we’re left in suspense until Saturday afternoon [which happens to be our 1 year anniversary-wahoo! (& if I knew how to insert a cheesy little heart right here, I totally would)].

(a little blurry…sorry!) It already looks better with just the carpet out!
Lots and lots of people at our house this week. Everyone has been really great to work with and we feel like we’ve made new friends.

That’s pretty much all I can show you until the pilot airs on HGTV.  I’m not certain when that will be yet, but when I do know I’ll be sure to announce it so you can see how awesome of a job Layla & Kevin did!

I have really enjoyed getting to know Layla and Kevin a little bit.  What stands out the most to me about them is that they’re dream chasers.  They go after what they’re passionate about full force.  Dream chasers often face the biggest challenges and set backs, but they keep going.  They press through the fears refusing to be paralyzed by them. When the hard times are present, they grit their teeth and keep moving forward.  I believe that those who chase their passions full force will encounter the greatest struggles in life at times, but in the long run they will reap the greatest rewards.  I feel lucky to be surrounded by a few great couples just like Kevin and Layla who remind me that playing it safe is not living life at all.  Without risk there are no rewards.

I still can’t believe this is going on, and I’m just beyond grateful for what TheLetteredCottage couple is doing for us.  I guarantee it will forever change my outlook on how I live my life & make my home.



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  1. I sure wish you all could post pictures of the finished project because I KNOW it will be great…but totally understand that you can’t due to tv “stuff”. They certainly are dreamchasers, and you all must be very welcoming and patient souls to allow a crew of strangers into your home. Have fun with the reveal tomorrow!

    • I know! As much as I want to see the room, I want to post pics and show it off too! Hopefully it will air soon though so everyone can see how great they did:)
      I’m only a few hours away from getting to see it!! 🙂

  2. emily – i’m sandra jones’s daughter. and i’m SO SO thrilled for you guys. i’ve been following LC for a while now and LOVE all they do. when i heard about their hunt for a room, i had no idea it was YOU until your mom put it on facebook! awesome! can’t wait to see what it looks like all done!! congrats and happy anniversary!

    • My mom told me that you followed TLC. Layla and Kevin are super nice people! Hopefully the show will get picked up so everyone can see the awesome ‘after’ pics….they are WONDERFUL 😀

  3. Emily, yo mama just told me about your blog and it’s great. I can’t wait to follow you and Alex as you transform your ugly duckling into a swan. Don’t worry, I have a no stalking rule 😉

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