Pregnancy, Bathrooms, Nursery

Pregnancy, Bathrooms, Nursery


I make big announcements, like the fact that I’m pregnant after struggling with infertility, then I just disappear.  What can I say, life is busy and I haven’t really had the time or energy to write in a while.

But I’m BACK!

Let me break this post in to a few bullet points:

  • PREGNANCY:  Pregnancy has been hard at times and easy at times.  I’d say overall that I’m having a pretty easy pregnancy.  The 1st trimester was pure exhaustion, night time sickness, and major indigestion.  All I wanted during those first three months was to be able to brush my teeth without dry-heaving!  I’m happy to say that now, at 29 weeks, I can indeed brush my teeth without gagging or vomiting.  **applause**  The 2nd trimester was really easy.  I had some pretty bad back pain for a couple of weeks, but I’ve gotten used to it.  Zantac and Tums are my new bff’s.  Five Guys is also my bff.  I just entered the 3rd trimester last week and I indeed look pregnant.  I realized this morning that I can’t see my toes without bending way over.

29 Weeks

Is anything more awkward than a selfie photo?  Oh well.

29 Weeks


  • BATHROOMS: We are about to start a full renovation on our master bathroom and a partial renovation on our guest bathroom.  This has been a long time coming and I’m so glad it’s about to start! I’ll do a full post later just on the bathroom, but for now here are some sneak peeks from my iPhone:


Restoration Hardware Vanity

Clawfoot Tub


NURSERY: With 11 weeks to go, I’ve done nothing in the room that will be the nursery.  I have plans, though…big, big plans!  As soon as the bathrooms are finished, which should be in about 4 weeks from now, the nursery will be rapidly tackled!  The bathroom is exciting and all, but I’m way more excited about making this room for our sweet little girl to call home.  Just imagine soft whites, coral, navy, and gold.  Wahooooo!!!!!!  I’m just so thankful to be given the opportunity to be a mother, and I can’t wait to see Alex as a father.  It is so surreal but I’m ready to start this adventure of parenthood!


I seriously hope to have a good “before” post on the bathroom with detailed plans soon.  Construction starts right after Labor Day and will last 3-4 weeks.  Surely I can get a post together during that time, right?

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  1. Emily,welcome back. I was getting very concerned because you have not posted in soooooo long. I am so anxious to see that sweet baby girl nursery. sue

  2. Yeah your back! I was just wondering the other day when I would see a post pop-up from you again. I can’t wait to see the bathroom plans and progress as well as your baby girl’s nursery.

  3. So glad to see you back! After your feature on YoungHouseLove, I was hooked and sad to see you disappear. Congratulations on the pregnancy. My heart broke for you on the infertility post because I am going through the same thing. Do you plan to write a post on what you think helped to get you pregnant or more of your journey? The medicines, a procedure, etc…? I would be fascinated to know as I just had the HSG x-ray today and it seems like you got pregnant not long after that.

    • Melissa, my heart aches for you! The hope I can offer in early infertility is that once you get pregnant, it will all be worth it and the pain eases up. I just remember being so fearful because I didn’t know if it would ever happen…the unknown can always be so scary.

      I don’t think I’ll write a detailed post, but I’ll give you the skinny here: I had cysts on my ovaries, but my lab work didn’t agree with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I quit having a monthly cycle all of a sudden and after a year and a lot of blood tests I was just convinced that my GYN was wrong about PCOS. They sent me to a fertility specialist in Atlanta, Reproductive Biology Associates, and they were fantastic. I’ve never seen such good medical care in my life, and I’m a nurse!

      Rewind a quick second: my consultation appt at RBA was scheduled for Feb 14th. Starting January 1st I had decided to try an experiment. Since I was convinced that I did indeed have PCOS, I knew that my insulin/glucose balance was probably off. After doing some research I decided to change my diet to include low glycemic foods only — so no white foods. If I ate any breads/pastas they were 100% whole grain only. Then nothing processed…just real, natural foods. By the end of January I got the biggest surprise…my cycle came all on its own for the first time in a year!

      Back to RBA–I went for my consultation on February 14th. I was given meds that were meant to start my cycle again so they could do cycle day specific blood work that would give us more answers, then do the HSG. I took the meds and a week later my cycle still hadn’t come. I waited a few more days and still nothing. I was frustrated and the fact that I could possibly be pregnant was the furthest thing from my mind. One day I thought I felt a twinge of breast pain so seeing how I had a bajillion pregnancy tests on hand (amazon is the way to go, btw) I just decided to take one. And that was it….a clear cut positive!

      I hope that your doctors can figure out what will be best for you and that soon enough you’ll be on this journey too!!! Best of luck! -Emily

      • Thank you so much Emily. I have spent months concerned that something was just wrong with me, but after tons of tests and blood work, I seem to be just fine. I think that I need to just relax for a couple of months and stop stressing. Easier said than done, but I wonder if I am causing my own infertility due to stress. I have heard about the low glycemic thing though. Might be something to consider.
        Again, thanks for the words of encouragement! I cannot wait to see nursery pictures.

  4. You look amazing for 29 weeks pregnant!! And the sneak peek pic’s of the bathroom materials is getting me excited…. LOVE the tile and the pattern it’s laid in! Can’t wait to see bathroom progress and baby nursery pictures!

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