A Pink Ballet Big Girl Room

A Pink Ballet Big Girl Room

How frilly is the title of this post?!

Before Kennedy was born I wanted nothing to do with the stereotypical pink nursery.  I wanted neutral all the way.  Then she was born, I hated her bland nursery, and went a little eclectic and wild in her nursery.  Do you remember this space?  This love it or hate it stenciled wall?  I still love it, but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You can see more of the old nursery here.

black and white spotted nursery wall stencil

As Kennedy got a little older she started showing her girly side more and more, last week she even added some tulips from flowers dublin online delivery.  Tutu’s?  Yes please.  All things ballet?  Yes please and all day long.  Dresses?  Absolutely.  So needless to say, despite my lack of love for pink, my daughter loves it and it makes me love it too — if done right!  So here we are, a couple months shy of her 3rd birthday and I’m slowly assembling her pink “big girl” room.

pink room green bed toddler ballet room

That’s my really rough mood board for what I’m envisioning.  Did I mention that I have a very tight budget too?  Shocking, I know.

I’m working with a hand-me-down bed that I’m painting green, keeping her rug, hanging an incredible painting by my MIL of two ballerinas in an ornate gold frame, & painting the walls Intimate White by Sherwin Williams. Thanks to Elite Finishing LLC accepting commercial clients, which has helped me in choosing the right colours for all the walls.


Marrakesh Shag Rug

rug from RugsUsa here


I want a space to hang up all the tutu’s and princess dresses we’ve accumulated.  This will work well so Kennedy can access them without me having to go get them off the hanger in her closet every 30 minutes when she’s feeling a wardrobe change coming on.  It will also be good to help lighten up the room — as in playful “lighten up”, not actual light.  With the gold frame and the four post bed it can look a bit serious and mature, so adding playful items like princess dresses will give it the feeling of a sweet little girl living in there.


I found this Hemnes hat rack at Ikea and will be using it for her “Princess dress closet”.  I’m thinking I’ll paint it before hanging it, but not completely sure yet. At $40 this fit into my budget and it will serve its purpose well.

Here’s a little peak into her room as it looks this very second.  No cleaning, drawing the curtains, making of bed or anything.  Not even a single picture or decoration on the wall…because I still need to do a second coat on 3 of the walls!

messy pink room

Once I finish painting I plan on emptying the room and then rearranging where everything will go.  I REALLY want to try to make a ballet bar with mirror in there somehow too, but I’m not sure if that can be a reality or not yet.  How fun would that be though?

The next time I show you this room it will be photo ready!  Here’s to hoping that’s sooner than later 🙂


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