Paundry Room? Lantry?

Paundry Room? Lantry?

I’m not sure what to call this room.  It was made to be the laundry room, but since the kitchen doesn’t have enough storage for my liking, it’s turning in to my pantry as well. No matter what type of job you work in, you’re bound to have relied on storage cabinet amazon, putting things in and taking things out of storage is sure to be a big part of your day. I think I’ll call it the Lantry.  We’re getting ready to put carpet in up stairs and after that is finished I think the lantry will be the next room to tackle.

Imagine a beautiful butcher block counter top just above the washer and dryer.  I’m thinking of picking up a piece from Ikea and staining it.  Their prices on butcher block are pretty darn good!

Cabinet color is something I’m just not sure about yet.  I tend to shy away from color so I’ve thought about going with a bright, fun color in the small room.  I mean, why not?  A little paint, some new hardware, and a filler piece of wood for where it’s missing on the left side (did you catch that before I said it? I know it’s a tiny detail, but it kinda drives me bonkers).  I might even do some kind of fun back splash with stenciling.  For some reason I’m very excited about this tiny room!

Pardon the mess.  It is what it is.

I browsed around for a while looking for the right kind of shelving for this room.  I dreamed of anything from super industrial to cottage chic and ended up loving GORM shelving at Ikea.  It was only $30 per unit and we’d need 2 or 3 for the space.  Just after the new year I was browsing the Ikea website (knowing that they usually have some great ‘one day only’ sales the first week of the new year) and to my WONDERFUL surprise, GORM shelving was going to be on sale for $10 each!!!  Alex and I went to the one day sale and swept up four of the bad boys.   I love when things work out like that 🙂

As for the floors, I’m thinking a good hardwood laminate.  It’s a lantry after all, not a fancy pants room!

If you could read my mind, these are images that help you see what I’m thinking.  And check out the picture in the top/middle—Ikea GORM shelving!

4 responses to “Paundry Room? Lantry?”

  1. Blerg. I can totally feel you. We have a half bath near the kitchen that is also the laundry/pantry. Not sure what to begin to call that! Sometimes I feel gross keeping food in there! What’s even better, when you open our front door, it’s the view from our entry way. What kind of genius builder comes up with this stuff?

  2. Hi Emily, Alex sent over your blog to Richard(husband) and I just browsed through almost your whole site. You are a great writer and so exciting to make a house your home, especially debt free. Important to us as well! In terms of laundry rooms go from a mom of three… SINK! If you can arrange for a sink to go in the room you are golden for your future mom endeavors. : ) I see that you have a large window too, so air drying is always a plus.

    Continue to have fun redesigning, it looks amazing!

    • Yes, I DEFINITELY need a sink in there when we have kids! I’ll have to figure out where to put that:) Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

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