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  • DIY Stair Runner

    I have been wanting to do a stair runner ever since I first finished the stairs. (I wrote a post about that project here)  The problem with a stair runner is that I couldn’t find one that was both long enough and pretty enough.  I wondered if anyone had ever used floor carpet runners on […]

  • Stairway Picture Wall

    Stairway Picture Wall

    I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll mention it again—-I am NOT good with details.  I see big picture-like the colors of the walls, the shapes of the room, but accessorizing???  No way.  It scares me to death. Enter my mom. I enlisted her to help me put some frames on my stairway wall.  […]

  • The ‘almost after’ Stairs Update

    The ‘almost after’ Stairs Update

    So here we are.  The official “before” shot of our entry way and stairs. Wait, hold up.  This isn’t really the ‘before’ shot.  Here’s the REAL before shot from the day we moved in.

  • The Dreaded Stairs

    The Dreaded Stairs

      Here they are before we moved in.  Notice the stains?  The wallpaper? ick. Then the day after The Lettered Cottage and HGTV crew left I took advantage of the Discount Dumpster Rental left in our drive way and, with the help of my hubs and mother, we ripped up every inch of carpet in […]