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  • DIY Stair Runner

    I have been wanting to do a stair runner ever since I first finished the stairs. (I wrote a post about that project here)  The problem with a stair runner is that I couldn’t find one that was both long enough and pretty enough.  I wondered if anyone had ever used floor carpet runners on […]

  • Kitchen Inspiration

    Kitchen Inspiration

      We’ve been on pause with most house renovations lately.  I painted our master bath with leftover paint from our master bedroom…and I don’t like it. Darn.  But I just bought this cute rug from Urban Outfitters and I think I’m going to go bold and paint a dramatic black chevron pattern on one of the […]

  • A little bit of everything

    A little bit of everything

    It’s been a minute since I’ve given an update, so here I am.  This is a modge podge of a blog post. 1st-the good ol’ half bath. I am having THE hardest time getting good pictures in this dark room.  There isn’t any sunlight because the screened-in-porch is behind it, so this is what I […]

  • Room Reveal and Resources

    Room Reveal and Resources

    Just wanted to give a little linky link to The Lettered Cottage for their official reveal blog. It’s so funny hearing their perspective of the makeover verses mine.  In her blog she mentions how she kept telling me and Alex how we could change things after they left if we didn’t like them.  I was […]

  • Kitchen Appliances–HELLO IKEA!!!

    Kitchen Appliances–HELLO IKEA!!!

    I am ecstatic right now!  Seriously, I’ve been stalking Ikea’s website for months waiting for a kitchen sale to pop up.  I read some Ikea message boards that said they usually have a kitchen sale between March and May every year.  Well, March 2nd the sale was announced!!! Here’s the deal: SPEND $3500 or more […]