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  • Room Reveal and Resources

    Room Reveal and Resources

    Just wanted to give a little linky link to The Lettered Cottage for their official reveal blog. It’s so funny hearing their perspective of the makeover verses mine.  In her blog she mentions how she kept telling me and Alex how we could change things after they left if we didn’t like them.  I was […]

  • HGTV Living Room Reveal

    HGTV Living Room Reveal

    It’s been nearly 6 months since five days of chaos ensued at our new house.  It was an unforgettable experience and we have a beautiful room to remember it by.  I blogged about the experience here. Sadly HGTV ended up passing on the show.  *tears*  Layla and Kevin are such a sweet and talented couple […]

  • As Soon as I Get the ‘OK’

    Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures from the HGTV pilot episode with The Lettered Cottage. But trust me, as SOON as I can I will put up all the details and after pictures for you to see.  It’s so pretty!

  • A week with HGTV & TheLetteredCottage

    A week with HGTV & TheLetteredCottage

    Wow!  I feel like I had the weirdest dream and that a fairy came and gave us a new room.  Last week is almost a blur. It went by so fast and was like a tornado of change in our living room. I am super bummed that I can’t post pictures until after the pilot […]

  • Renoventure in Process

    Renoventure in Process

    Today is day 3 of the Renovation Adventure, or “Renoventure”, as Layla & Kevin have awesomely titled it. Just as a reminder, here’s the sneak peak of the living room they’re tackling before they got their hands on it: