On the verge of a completed LEVEL

First and foremost, did you see that Young House Love featured my kitchen on a Reader Redesign post?!  Uhhh…and John called my kitchen “killer”.  We can be friends now. Anyways, that was such a huge compliment and all of their readers have been super sweet with their comments.  I was slightly worried I’d get some of the nasty brave-behind-their-keyboards mean girls commenting, but there’s been none of that. Phew! I’m a newby at this blog thing and probably don’t have the thick skin that experienced bloggers do.  So thanks again, John & Sherry! 🙂


Soon enough I can call our downstairs FINISHED!  Well, not really…I don’t ever feel finished, even when a room is all put together.  BUT, what I mean is that we’re getting floors put in the rest of the downstairs on Monday by a Residential Hardwood Flooring Installation company!  That will be the last big-ticket item for the downstairs.

Some people have asked why I’m ripping out existing floors to put new ones in.  The short answer is that I don’t want 5 different types of flooring in 5 different rooms that are all attached to one another.  This video may give you a better glimpse in to what I mean–you can see the funkiness of the 5 different floors.

[My loving husband just informed me that I broke the cardinal rule by not turning my phone horizontal to film the floors.  I apologize to all those I offended by sharing a vertical video 😉 I’ve learned my lesson and it will not happen again!]

We bought some beautiful hardwoods at Floor & Decor last week for $3.49/sqft…and I completely forgot to get a picture!!  Oops. They are Chinese Wormy Cherry–wormy–as in the tree had worms so there are worm-shaped grooves in the wood. Sounds weird; looks awesome.

If all goes as planned then I’ll be able to have a reveal post of the new floors sometime next week!!

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  1. Hi Emily, I found my way to your blog from Young House Love. I love your kitchen. When I saw that your living room had been used for an HGTV pilot I was wondering which one. Then when I clicked over and saw the reveal photos. I was like hey I’ve seen that room before. I’ve read all about it on The Lettered Cottage. Its so cool that I have been lead back to your blog and now I get to see all the great decorating you and your husband are doing.

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Young House Love. Love your kitchen btw! But after clicking around and reading some of your other posts, I came across your living room makeover done by Kevin and Layla. I’ve been reading their blog for quite a while now and I actually remember them posting about your living room makeover. How funny! I love how you followed your heart though and painted the walls black afterwards. it looks great! Anyway, my names Jaime and I’m your newest follower! Nice to meet ya! 🙂

  3. Hi! Saw your reader redesign at YHL! Your kitchen is amazing! I love your style! I also love the hardware on your cabinets, are they a vintage brass? Where did you get them?

  4. I love your kitchen renovation! I am in the middle of a whole house renovation and trying to stay on a budget. I want to use the existing cabinets and just paint them. I noticed that on your finished kitchen cabinets you have hidden hinges. What product did you use to make this change? I would love to be able to hide my hinges. Thanks, Elaine

  5. I’m sure by now you’ve completed the project w the desk in it. I think black mixed with the stained desk (and the white already in there wld look great). Also, for those who want more of an off-white trim, we have been using SW “Eaglet Beige.” It’s the color of our kitchen cabinets, and we’ve decided to integrate it throughout our 1990 house. Looking forward to spending more time on your blog … looks very nice. Thanks for sharing your talents and ideas with us.

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