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  • Mom’s Kitchen Renovation – Before and After

    Mom’s Kitchen Renovation – Before and After

    I grew up in the house my mom still lives in for most of my life.  We’ve affectionately named it the “Kirk Mansion”.  This house was the place to be for all my brother’s friends growing up and the doors have swung open many times to family and friends who needed a place to stay. […]

  • Kitchen: Before and After

    Kitchen: Before and After

    Our kitchen was my least favorite space in this house before we moved in, and I’m a kitchen lover so it was a little hard to envision loving the kitchen in this house.  It was dark, long, and narrow.  The complete opposite of our last kitchen that was bigger and more open.

  • Countertops and painted cabinets, oh my!

    Countertops and painted cabinets, oh my!

    I snuck by the house this morning to take a peak at the cabinets and, to my delight, the caesarstone benchtops were being installed right when we got there!

  • Renovation Update

    Renovation Update

    We’re supposedly 5 days away from renovations being complete!!  I am so ready to see a finished product and move in!  Actually, I’m dreading the move, because who enjoys packing and unpacking?  But still, it will be nice to start settling in to our new normal.  The past few months at my mom’s house has […]