A Navy Nursery Surprise!

A Navy Nursery Surprise!

Wow.  I feel like I just got off a roller coaster.   This client was presented to me with a VERY short timeline (like two weeks!) and a strict deadline.  I felt up for the challenge and knew how badly this client needed this job done so I immediately jumped into action and came up with a vision.

Did I mention this was a DIY job?  The budget wasn’t big enough to hire out the work, and since I was doing this job pro bono it meant that most of the sweat labor was all on me.  I sweet-talked my husband into helping me one night with all of the table saw cuts and we got up the board and batten wall.

I took a few iPhone pictures of the room the night we got started.  This was an empty room with old curtains thrown up and the crib and dresser the client already had was assembled and ready to go thanks to my client’s husband.

Let me pause for a moment.  I need to take a little time out.

I was at Northside Forsyth Hospital at 7:30pm last night visiting Belynn, my dear friend who has been stuck on bedrest there for nearly a month.

Belynn has been a total champ, but has been missing her 2 year old Avalynn who she only sees once a day for a short amount of time, and has been stressed about not having a nursery ready for baby boy.  What else are you supposed to think about when you’re stuck in a hospital room and only allowed out of bed for a 20 minute wheel chair ride once a day?!

I visited her one night a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned being sad that she didn’t get to do a nursery, since with her first baby they weren’t living in a home of their own yet and there wasn’t an official nursery room.  This time around she was really looking forward to completing a room before bring home baby.

I was sitting in her hospital room freezing as she was talking (you know pregnant women are ALWAYS hot) so I grabbed a small cup of coffee.  That small cup of coffee woke me up in a big way at 4am later that night.  I sat in my bed staring at the ceiling and it hit me — Emily, you need to get that nursery done for her!  I’m not drowning in cash so I knew I’d need some help to get everything she needed.  I set up a Go Fund Me account at 4:30am and by 8:30 am friends and family had already given $350!  Belynn, if nothing, can make friends wherever she goes, and the amount of people who gave to her nursery fund was so touching!  Thank you to each and every one of you for giving so that I could assemble this room for her!!!

Before I get to the after pictures, I need to preface them by saying I snapped these all in like TEN MINUTES.  I have been running around like crazy to the hardware store trying to get this room finished, all the while knowing that with each day that passed Belynn was getting more and more anxious about not having a nursery.  I needed to let Belynn in on the surprise ASAP, so even though these photos are kind of AWFUL, they’re what I’ve got and I think Belynn would agree that she just wants to see her nursery!!!  Am I right, Belynn??

Okay, friend — here you go.  Your navy nursery all ready to go for when you get to bring your precious baby boy home!

I’m hoping to be able to take some better photos and fix the things that are messed up (there are several, but I’m not writing them out with hopes that you didn’t notice-haha).   Thank you to everyone who helped with their time and/or money!  I’d love to ask you, if you’re reading this before tomorrow, February 22, 2017, to say a prayer for Belynn and her baby boy for a healthy c-section delivery and as healthy of a premie baby you could ask for.


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