Modern Farm House E-Design

Modern Farm House E-Design

Long time no type!  The internet silence isn’t from lack of work–I’ve been busier than ever and I have some fun renovations in the works for some clients that I look forward to sharing with you once construction starts!

A little while ago my brother in law, Matt, who is a very talented architect (& so is my sister-in-law Amanda, by the way…what are the odds of having two extremely talented architects as in-laws?) sent me a text telling me to check out Studio McGee on Instagram.  He thought we had similar styles and that I’d enjoy her work.  I immediately girl-crushed on the company and their design is 100% inline with what I see to be beautiful in residential homes, so needless to say I began following the McGee & Co blog and Instagram for inspiration and to look at beautifully created spaces.

It was just a few days ago that Studio McGee did a post on a their PARK CITY CANYONS REMODEL and these photos caught my eye:

I thought for some reason that the space looked familiar to me…and not because I had ever seen this room before.  Then it hit me that some key elements in her space were so similar to the designs at the Weiner Mobile Estates website!  I’ve had every intention of sharing the moodboard on here and it’s just slipped my mind.

(Also, as a little aside, I decided to take e-designs off my services. I really prefer to do larger renovation-type projects, to be hands-on so that the final product can be done to my level of satisfaction, and so that I can confidently attach my name to it. I may pick it up again someday, but for now I’m sticking to in-person design & renovating.)

The client wanted a bit of a “modern farmhouse” style & for it to be casual for her big family.  When I think of modern farmhouse my mind immediately thinks black, white, & natural wood.  This client already had very rustic reclaimed wood floors so I started the first moodboard off with blacks, whites, and some natural textures with the coffee table. 

This family has a lot of young children in the home so using a round coffee table seemed like a no-brainer to me, but I also just like a round coffee table with a sectional.   I love the plaid rug so much I’m already thinking of using it in the basement family-room of my next house (which doesn’t even exist yet-lol).

As I was creating this space in my head I kept thinking navy would look great too, so I made a second board just to appease my curiosity.  I’m pretty sure the client preferred the navy space so I’m glad I did both!  It feels less farmhouse and more clean and modern (which is more my style as well), but that black sofa still has my heart. I’m such a sucker for a sofa with a saturated color! The perfect sofa can last you up to a decade.

If you want to see more of what I’m up to, Instagram is definitely my most-used social media outlet.  According to my husband I’m an Instastory junkie – in both viewing and posting — so come hang with me over there!  I’m going tile shopping (again) for a client’s master bathroom tomorrow and I’m thinking I’ll Instastory the shopping trip if you’re into that kind of thing!




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