Let’s get serious now

Let’s get serious now

I am such a blog slacker….big ol’ slacker.  I’ve mostly not blogged because I haven’t had anything interesting to blog about, but that’s changing my friends!

1. We’re home owners of this beauty

2. We made new friends. 

Meet Kevin and Layla Palmer @ The Lettered Cottage. Their blog is not only pretty, but it’s full of greatDIY home design ideas and inspiration.  They post videos occasionally which shows us a bit of their personalities–Kevin reminds me of Alex because he seems to have a quieter side to him and Layla comes off as quirky and fun, which makes me think we’ll get along just swimmingly! (“swimmingly”? Why is that the word that came to my head?)

So here’s the DL–Cliffs Notes version:  they’re shooting a pilot show for HGTV. They were looking for a couple with a fixer upper near Alabama.  Alex+Me=Couple.  Our new house=fixer upper. Georgia ≈ Alabama. Hooray!

Kevin, Layla, and a crew of contractors will show up at our place the 2nd week in September.  Five days later the beautiful living room below will actually be beautiful!

I am still in a bit of shock that this is actually going to happen, but I am so excited!

I’ll be posting “before” pictures of each room in the house soon.  We have a lot of work to do, but this house has the great bones and character we searched so hard to find.

The “after” pictures will come as we tackle each room, one by one.  (Well, except for the living room “after” pictures. Those will have to wait a while until we have the ‘green light’ to share them.  We definitely plan on having a house warming party soon after we finish filming to show friends and family the makeover though!)

 I do realize that the list only containes 2 items, but they are such great items I felt they deserved to be a list:)


2 responses to “Let’s get serious now”

  1. Hey thanks for the sweet shout out, Em! Can’t wait to get in there and beautify that room of yours…it’s gonna be so funnnnnnnnnnnn!

    Layla 🙂

  2. Just found your blog!! So excited. I live in Atlanta area too and just recently started a frugal/DIY blog. 🙂 http://www.thefrugalhomemaker.

    That is so awesome that Layla and Kevin are working on your home for their new show. I have been following them now for a while. 🙂

    Added your blog to my reader so can’t wait to read along and see the after pictures. 🙂

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