Kings Valley Master Bathroom Reveal

Kings Valley Master Bathroom Reveal

A quick peek at where this bathroom started.  This is the master bathroom in my mother’s home.  This house was built in 1987 and my parents bought it in 1992.  The before pictures don’t show how big that sunken hot tub really is Nytt för Sildenafil 2021  It was literally half the length of the room.  And it didn’t work.  And even if it did…do we do hot tubs anymore??? Maybe outside, I suppose.

A new window installation was done because the old one just doesn’t fit into the new design. One of my biggest goals was to get rid of the hot tub, put a free standing tub in front of the large window with a beautiful view, and to move the toilet into a water closet. Now this room is unrecognizable as the same space! Take a scroll trip for all the afters!

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  1. Beautiful!

    Can you talk about the mixed metals on the vanity – lights, mirror, pulls, towel hanger? How you decided to go with all those choices. I love the gold mirrors and silver faucets, but the gold pulls feel out of place. Thanks!

    • Thank you! I almost always mix metals in any room I do. With this bathroom in particular, I went with brass pulls because I needed one other brass in the room for the brass mirrors to “speak” to. Without the mirrors, the pulls wouldn’t make sense. And the tone of the wood used for the vanity welcomed the warm brass better than a chrome finish. I don’t think it looks out of place, but to each their own! 🙂

    • It was from Pottery Barn but has been discontinued I believe. I wanted a large fixture because of the vaulted ceiling so I made sure the fixture was about 1/3 the length of the tub.

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