Is it summer yet?

Is it summer yet?

summerMy family is headed to the beach in June and I am ready to start packing!  It seems that everyone is on spring break right now which means that my facebook feed is full of people at the beach. I’m just slightly envious of them.

Instead of dwelling on my lack of ocean view and salt water breeze, I decided to gather a few of my favorite swimsuits of the season from my favorite stores in preparation for the summer.

swim baby girl


swim baby boy I’m nervous about taking Kennedy to the beach because her skin is so fair.  I imagine by the time we go I’ll have bought some kind of sun shade tent, plenty of hats (visit Customized Wear), and SPF 1 million sunblock.

I purchased her swimsuit from GAP last month on sale and with an extra discount and got it for $12. There’s something about royal blue on my blue-eyed girl that is so beautiful.  I still am in shock that we have a daughter with blue eyes–I know there’s a chance they could change, but I’m telling you, they’re REALLY blue.  There will be hundreds of pictures taken of my cutie in this precious bathing suit.  She’s already tried it on…twice.

The only thing left I need to get are some cute sandals and some sunglasses (which you can buy at sites like and we’re ready for the beach!

krm swim


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