House Hunt

House Hunt


House hunting is such a weird process.  I’ve been dreaming and browsing houses since the 2nd month I was married.  That was also the 2nd month in to our one year apartment lease. I’m obviously not the most patient person…I just think of myself as a dreamer and a planner.

About 2 months ago Alex and I began getting serious about looking at houses.  I learned very quickly that my dream house was not Alex’s idea of a dream house.  Is it sad to say that it was heart breaking each time I found a house I “loved” and Alex flippantly dismissed it because he didn’t think it was anything great?  Ouch.

The ups and downs of house hunting rose again to a big up last Thursday when I found a house that was a jewel to me. First thing in the morning I told Alex that I really liked one of the new listings our real estate agent sent us over night.  I gave the warning “I know it’s old, but it’s a 2500 sq/ft ranch in a great area!”  As I expected, he wasn’t thrilled with the find.  I took it upon myself to drive by the house later that day.  I was blown away at what a great neighborhood it was in and how cute the house was. The pictures didn’t do it any justice.

Later that day we met with our agent to look at a different house and I mentioned the house I found earlier that morning.  We had time so our agent took us right over and that was it….all three of us fell in love.

Now, let me give a warning here….this house is not “finished”.  It’s like an ugly duckling that has not yet turned in to a swan.  That is the house I want–the house that I can put my personal touches in to and make things the way I want them to be without completely breaking the bank.

The day we looked at the house was the first day the house was on the market via PenFed Realty.  We put an offer on it 2 days later and now we are just waiting…and waiting…and waiting. It has been 3 business days since then, and they told us it would take 5-7 days to hear back.

Here’s a sneak peak at the house (and my handsome hubs’ backside).  It’s still living in the 1980’s on the inside…that’s where I come in.

"The One"...hopefully.

Well, I’m off to sit and wait some more.  Until next time. -EM

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