Man, I’m so sick of this dang half bath.  One thing I’ve learned, or shall I say keep learning, is that I should never under estimate a project.  The things that I think will be small and easy just don’t seem to ever turn out that way.

Here’s the bathroom when I last blogged-

Since then, we bought beadboard and I learned how to use a jigsaw and resurface my geometry knowledge from high school.  Lesson in cutting beadboard:  Measure 100 times. Cut once.

Beadboard is on the wall.  The chair railing is on as well…..kind of.

Here’s the deal—I don’t like it.  I feel like it’s a “C” job.  It’s the first time I’ve ever worked with beadboard so there was definitely a learning curve.  I think that if I would re-do it I could make it an “A”.

I was so frustrated one day that I just went to Lowes and bought beadboard wallpaper.

So the question is:

Beadboard re-do or Beadboard wallpaper?????   Help!

I feel stuck.  It’s such a tiny room and I’m just ready for it to be finished.  I plan on working on it some Saturday so I need to make up my mind on which material I’m going to use by then.

In other news, how cute is Abby?


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