Guest Bathroom Design

Guest Bathroom Design

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Alright, we started with this:

We’re currently like this:

Here’s what I plan on doing:

SKIM COAT THE WALLS:    I really screwed up here.  I started peeling off wallpaper that had been primed over and royally ripped in to the sheetrock all over the place.  Go me!  I researched and researched how to skim coat walls and the consensus was that it’s not an easy job to perfect.  I envisioned myself spending hours upon hours, days upon days, only to be frustrated at my less than perfect job.  So what did I do?  I reached out on my neighborhood’s facebook page to see if there was a handyman near by that could do the job.  Thankfully I got a response right away and met a new neighbor in the process!  He’s sending someone over next week to do the job.  It will take 3 days of sanding, mudding, drying, etc. and $200.  Worth every penny!

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PAINT THE VANITY & add brass hardware:  some shade of navy blue or gray/blue.  Here are my inspiration pics.



PAINT THE WALLS: I’m thinking of going with the same color as our master bathroom. It’s a very light neutral, but not white.  Even with the same paint color and the same shower tiles, the two bathrooms are very different, so I’m not worried about them looking the same.


KEEP THE MIRROR: Getting a new mirror just isn’t in the budget right now so I’m going to make do with what I have.  I may frame it out, but I’ve seen so many framed out mirrors that look cheap so I’m a little concerned about going that route. I think if it’s done right it can look great, I just need to figure out what doing it “right” actually means for me.

COUNTERTOP: Gulp. I’m keeping the gold, cultured marble countertop.  Hopefully somewhere down the road we can save some cash to replace it with a carrera marble top, but for now I’m going to rock the 80’s countertop and make it work! With Edmonton Alberta bathroom renovations we created the whole theme to make it look amazing.

NEW LIGHT:  Is there really an explanation needed for this?

SHELF OVER THE TOILET:  Again, no explanation needed.

SHOWER CURTAIN:  Make a curtain-like shower curtain.


 Down the road, along with the new vanity top, I want to do some board and batten in there, but that’s just going to have to come later with another bathroom remodeling project.

This bathroom will be the bathroom that guests use when they come to stay with us, but it’s also going to be our kid’s bathroom so my goal is to make it light and crisp feeling, but add enough color so it doesn’t fancy or sterile.  I’m thinking the blue/gray vanity will do just that. If you’re thinking of revamping your bathroom or adding a whole new bathroom installation, there are many companies in your area that offer this service, so start by doing a Google search for websites like You may also consider to work with an accomplished house renovation dublin contractor at to get the best results.


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