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Gambrel House — where is it?

I shared a whole lot of who? and what? about Gambrel House here.  The most common question I get about the business these days is “where is it?” so let me fill you in on the details of the where it is NOW and where I hope it to be a year from now.

Currently the store is online only.  If you’re local, I’m more than happy to have a local pick-up option.  Just messages me on Instagram or shoot me an e-mail: [email protected]  We decided to start as a website at first for several reasons, but the biggest reason would be financial risk.

My dream store front space is on Main Street in downtown Duluth, Georgia.  There is a store that my ancestors owned and I dream of being in that space someday.  There’s something special about being in the same space that relatives before me built, just like us living in my grandparent’s home.  It’s nothing sacred to anyone else, but to me there’s personal history & it feels very special.

It’s hard to see in this photo, but in the top right stained glass is my grandparent’s name “Pittard” along with the other family’s they owned the space with.  How cool is that?!  The space is currently vacant and has been for a long time.  I’m over here praying it stays empty until I can get in there.

You may be wondering why we don’t snatch up the space now since it’s vacant.  The reality is that I need the business to grow in order to afford it. Retail is tough, especially as a small business. The monthly rent alone made my jaw drop.  On top of that I know I’d want to fully renovate the space.

Jean Stoffer is a designer I resonate with greatly and she just opened a store called Stoffer Home that looks very similar to the store front in Duluth I want to be in.  I’d love to put in a full kitchen in the store like she did so we could host small events.  Maybe some baking classes since I discovered that I love to bake this past year!

Take a peak at her in-store kitchen.  Can you even believe this is a STORE and not a home?!

These pictures inspire me so much and I can see Gambrel House being this kind of place someday.  Maybe even in just a year from now!  In the meantime, I’m putting my head down and working on growing this baby we just birthed.  The infant months are challenging — more emotionally than physically.  But I’m doing all I know how to do and am praying that we will grow so that my dream of a storefront can come true someday.

If you’re reading this, thank you, sincerely, for being on this journey with me. It can feel lonely opening a business by yourself sometimes, but when I hear from you it encourages me that I’m actually not alone.

Happy New Year, friends!  May 2019 be a year of bigger dreams than we’re capable of on our own.

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Home renovation lover and dreamer. Renovating my home one day at a time and starting to renovate other people's homes too.

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Lauren Figueroa

Emily! I live just blocks away from Jean’s store!! Her stuff is amazing. SERIOUSLY. I just caught your recent post in a designer facebook group, and came to check out your site. So funny to see Jean’s shop highlighted here! Great stuff!!!


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