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Gambrel House – What’s Going On?

A couple of months ago I threw out the big news that Alex & I are opening a home & decor retail store.  In the past two months we have come a long way in building this business.  We are getting most of our supplies from a local home remodeling supplies store. We’re getting closer to being ready to launch so I thought I’d take a moment to go into the who, what and why of Gambrel House.

First off, what does “Gambrel” mean?  I get this question more than anything when my friends ask me about the business.  Gambrel is a roofing style that is usually a symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side, this can be built by professional residential roofing services. The upper slope is positioned at a shallow angle, while the lower slope is steep.  This is the roof type on my grandparent’s house that we bought and started renovating this time last year. If you also want this kind of roofing, there are several residential roofing services that can provide professional roof replacement near me.

The house still isn’t painted yet, but just because I like to stare at this photoshopped rendering of what I want to do to the exterior I’m putting it here.  (Sidenote:  John & Sherry from Young House Love just painted their exterior last week and it reminded me how excited I’ll be when we can finally get our exterior phase completed.  Any suggestions for making a quick $10-$15k???)

My favorite gambrel house is this one below that I came across on Pinterest.  I always imagined getting a shaker roof when the time comes to get a roofing replacement with the help of a professional roofing company.  To clarify, this will be many years from now since we have a practically new 30 year roof.  After seeing this house I could easily see myself wanting to go with a stunning metal roof and hiring the best roofing contractors to have it installed which means going to Division Kangaroof.  I mean…I don’t have words for log house beautiful that roof is. If you’re looking for a great roofing company, check out Roof Repairs Dublin – Roofing Contractors Dublin.


Next I’ll address the why?  Why in the world am I opening a retail store? I didn’t dream of having a retail store growing up, but as of recent this dream was planted in my heart. The dream is having a beautiful store front and a conference room in the back to host my design clients. Therefore, I contacted contractors like J.M. Thompson Commercial Construction to help me build the store. I will also need to contact an ac service company to check on the HVAC system to see if it needs any heating maintenance or other air conditioning services

The store would be filled with my favorite things that I’d fill my own home with and I could share my favorite things with all of my friends and local community.  I’m in Duluth, GA and the only home decor store is a beautiful brick and mortar that carries a lot of items that aren’t what I’d fill my own home with.  They are very successful and a lot of people love the products they carry, but if I walk into that store and don’t find anything I love enough to place in my own home, then I figure I’m not alone.

There’s another market for people who want a style that’s traditional and timeless feeling but with a modern lean.  My style always includes the old and the new.  The traditional and the modern.  I think by combining those things it produces a cozy home that looks and feels fresh.  I want to bring that aesthetic with high quality items, that are ethically sourced, and that will last at least a lifetime.  And of course the obvious is to help support our family financially.  That’s always a part of having a business, right?  Let’s not pretend it’s not a factor.

I hope you can feel my excitement! I worry that I can hide the excitement behind the fear that comes with taking risks.  This feels like absolute insanity sometimes and I can easily fall into a panic of “WHAT ARE WE THINKING?!  WE’RE SO DUMB!  WE’RE GOING TO GO BROKE! OH MY GOSH.  MY KIDS WILL NEVER GET BRACES. THEY WON’T BE ABLE TO PLAY SPORTS OR DANCE. THEY’RE GOING TO BE DEVASTATED WHEN WE GO BANKRUPT &  HAVE TO SELL OUR HOUSE.  WE’RE GOING TO FAIL. WE’RE GOING TO FAIL. OMG WE’RE GOING TO TOTALLY FAIL AND I’M GOING TO BE HUMILIATED.”

That sounds healthy, right?  What calms me down and snaps me out of that spiral is knowing that God is with us.  He planted this passion.  He is with us when we take risks.  He doesn’t label me a failure even if I experience a fail.  He knows my fear and when I hand it over to Him He carries it for me.  I get to rest in that.  He is for me. He’s not against me.  He’s given me these desires.  I can guarantee you that these desires aren’t from me.  Nothing about Emily Kirk Morrison knew that this desire existed.   Gambrel House is His to do whatever He wants to do with it — huge success or complete collapse.

When I see a store, I know God sees more than just a store. I don’t know what it is He sees yet, but I’m on step one — do the thing He put in me to do.  So I’m honored and thrilled to introduce to you soon GAMBREL HOUSE. Sign up to be on our e-mail list so you can be the first to know about our giveaways and for subscriber-only discounts!



Home renovation lover and dreamer. Renovating my home one day at a time and starting to renovate other people's homes too.


Bill Morrison

May the Force be with you. And God is the force. Good luck Emily and Alex. I know you will succeed. Your message today is great!! Thanks for being my wonderful beautiful daughter in law!!



Thank you for being SO supportive of both me and Alex. It is life giving. Love you!


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