Early Beginnings of the Kitchen Renovation

Early Beginnings of the Kitchen Renovation

It’s almost time for the contractors to come in a spray the cabinets, install all of our new appliances, install new countertops, scrape the textured ceiling, install new lighting, put up back splash, & more.  If all goes as planned this should happen in October at some point.

In the mean time I’ve been browsing & buying in the hardware store some lighting, a faucet, and a bunch of wood planks to go on the walls in the eat-in area.  Alex and I have been at work all day today installing the planks and we’ll need one more weekend day to get it all done, but I must say it looks so nice not having bare/beat-up/wallpaper-ripped walls!

Here’s Alex prepping by taking all of the door molding off.

patio door wall before

And a sneak peek from Instagram (ignore the uneven boards by the left door; it will be covered when the molding is put back):

Installing pine v-groove planks in kitchen

My original plan was to whitewash the boards, which is also known as “pickling”.  The only reason it was my “original” plan and not my “current” plan is that the manufacturer quit making the stain & I still have 2 more packs to be painted! Bummer.  But, to be honest, it doesn’t really matter.  Yes, I wasted a lot of time & about $20, but as we’re putting them up I’m leaning towards painting them solid white anyways.  Live and learn.

antique brass fixtures

The wall sconce on the left is a solid brass antique that my mom found in my grandaddy’s attic. Total score!  There are two of them and they will end up somewhere in the kitchen when this is all said and done.

The brass pendant light with a quatrefoil pattern was a find from Queen of Hearts in Buford.  It was $50 but I thought that was reasonable & I really fell in love with it. This will be the light that goes over the sink after the fluorescents are taken out.

gray and white bi-color cabinets antique brass hardware

Here’s the color palette–Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore for the bottom cabinets & the top cabinets will be the same white that’s throughout our house already. I’m really in to antique brass right now…it’s just so darn purdy!

gray and white cabinets with brass hardware

gray and white cabinets with brass hardware

I hope to write a post soon about some updates I’ve done to the living room (yes, I know…the one room that’s actually finished).  This weekend marks one year since we moved in to this house and I’ve learned a lot about what my style is and what it’s not. I realized that there’s a difference in things I know are simply beautiful and things that are my unique personality & beautiful at the same time.  I just needed to do a couple tweaks to the room and I love it so much!  I’ve got to find time to take pictures & finish painting a few things, but hopefully I’ll have the post soon!

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    • No, unfortunately I didn’t do a detailed post about how to put them up. But of you use the Evertrue V-groove pine boards from Lowes, they are very easy to work with!you just put th together and nail it on the wall. All you need is a miter saw to cut the lengths.

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