Dream House…part deux

Dream House…part deux

What we thought would be “the one”.

Update: “Dream House” in previous post turned in to nightmare house. Thankfully, we took our inspectors advice and had a structural engineer take a look at the foundation. Long story short, the house had some hidden red flags that could eventually lead to some very major repairs.

The same day we were let down with that house, another house in the same subdivision (which we LOVE) was listed for sale.  We immediately went over there, took a look and put in our offer.  Here she is:

“The One”

Just like the last house, the inside of this beauty is stuck in the 80’s…1987 to be exact.  Each and every wall of this house is covered in the most gaudy wallpaper, there is mega-stained carpet in the dining room and living room, and there are many other updates needed to bring it up to date. This property is also in need of fencing services to improve its security and curb appeal.

I’m going to do my best to document my process…one room at a time! Or maybe it will be one strip of wallpaper at a time.


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