Cohen’s 1st Birthday Party!

Cohen’s 1st Birthday Party!

We celebrated Cohen turning one this past weekend. We rented a bouncy castle meath and the children really enjoyed the party. How he is already one, I’m not quite sure!  The past year is a bit of a blur, but now it feels like life is more in focus and at a slower pace…which I LOVE.  The uncertainty of newborn demands, the ridiculous struggle I had with breastfeeding this time around,  and lack of sleep are a memory now.  I find myself fully rested most days and having the capacity to dream and do things beyond just keeping my children fed and alive, I even found these great outdoor playhouses for sale that I managed to bring home.  It’s such a great feeling!

Cohen is one!

I didn’t capture every detail of the party, but we took a few shots of some of the yummy treats I made for the dozen kids who gobbled up the sugar and played their hearts out.  It was such a fun day!  Get ready for picture overload…I just can’t get enough of this boy!




The birthday boy was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd that suddenly appeared in his house. He loved it though.

Then it was time for the smash cake.  He didn’t do too much smashing, much to my surprise because this boy can EAT.




This photo below.  I love it.  Cohen’s face as Abby almost takes the cake. Ha!







And as I mentioned over on IG a few days ago, my plan to have his nursery completed by his 1st birthday was a success!  A blog post will be up this week with the reveal.

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