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Am I really opening a store?!?!

Being vulnerable isn’t easy for most people. I’m pretty good about being “vulnerable” — you know, the kind of vulnerability that only talks about the things you’ve gotten through, not actual vulnerability that talks about the things you are currently in. I have to be transparent here. This post would never have happened had my husband not told me I need to share what’s going on. I’d rather wait until we did the scary thing and the scary thing was successful, THEN I could share with you all the goings on. That way if I fail, then I can just deal with it and move on and not face public failure.

Well, obviously I’m writing (+ publishing if you’re reading this!) this post with plans to bring my friends along the way of the new scary thing I’m doing.

Friends, family, the few readers out there that I don’t know personally…I introduce you to GAMBREL HOUSE. GAMBREL HOUSE will be an online shop at first, hopefully finding its way to a brick and mortar store in the near future. That’s why I invested in a business phone since that’s where I’ll mostly get new orders. I’ve never owned a retail store. I’ve never worked retail in any capacity that involves how the business is run. This is all new and a huge learning curve. I also got a loan from WECU and it helped me start with my store’s capital.

This is the very, very, very beginning stages and I don’t have everything figured out. However, I did invest in colocation to protect my consumers’ data. Now that’s not the only technology we’re looking invest in. We’re also looking into this Treasure Valley IT network management in McCallWhat products we will be carrying isn’t decided yet, but it will most likely start with a smaller inventory then grown larger.  I love the idea of involving my friends in choosing some inventory, so follow me on Instagram, especially on stories, because I think I’ll be asking for “this or that” opinions in the coming weeks as I start to narrow down our starting inventory decisions.

I can’t believe I’m talking about this out loud.  Seriously.  I can’t. I’m equally excited and nervous.  Be gentle with me as I get this thing going and pray for us!

Also, for anyone reading who has asked me about the photos of my kitchen I talked about taking over on IG a couple of weeks ago –well, they’re mostly awful.  I’m going to have to re-do them with better lighting and then I’ll share them on here 🙂

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Home renovation lover and dreamer. Renovating my home one day at a time and starting to renovate other people's homes too.

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Congrats Emily! Of course excited for you and your new adventure. Will be keeping an eye out for beautiful things in your online shop.



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