A week with HGTV & TheLetteredCottage

A week with HGTV & TheLetteredCottage

Wow!  I feel like I had the weirdest dream and that a fairy came and gave us a new room.  Last week is almost a blur. It went by so fast and was like a tornado of change in our living room.

I am super bummed that I can’t post pictures until after the pilot premiers, but I can tell you that it is beyond what I expected.  I tried going in to the whole process with no expectations, but it’s hard to absolutely have none.  The colors in the room, the layout, the COFFEE TABLE…..looooove it all!

I know this blog is puney right now, but I’m thinking I may, MAYBE, make this blog a more regular thing.  It takes a lot of time and commitment to run a full time blog, but I love the idea of it…I just struggle with the commitment part after working all day.  We’ll see.

I have a lot to blog about and document as our house transforms in to a home.  I think it will be good just to document for ourselves how much love and work we put in to our first home.

We were lucky enough to have the dumpster an extra day after the cameras and crew left, so my mom, alex and I ripped out every last inch of carpet: dining room, stairs, upstairs hallway, and all 3 of the bedrooms.  It was one disgusting job, but it already makes me feel better.  I’m tackling the stairs right now–you know, pulling the gazillion staples out of each step.  It’s quite the task!

I plan on DIY-ing the steps for now until I can afford new hardwood ones (who knew stairs were so expensive??).  I’m thinking of hand scraping them, as you can find more here, aging them somehow, then staining them.  I may have to go over to Shauna’s blog to see if she has any suggestions since she’s so great at working with and refinishing wood. She and her husband were a part of the living room makeover and helped out a TON. I’ve also been studying up on Rhoda’s blogbecause she told me how she re-did her stairs herself and they look great!  I have great hopes for these ugly stairs!

I see potential…sure hope I’m right!

I have the living room sectioned off to prevent dust getting in, but I stick my head in and sigh a happy sigh that I at least have one gorgeous room today!


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