A little more nursery progress

A little more nursery progress

Just a quick progress post. Pardon the crappy phone pictures–it was Kennedy’s nap time and I was trying to get out of there as fast as possible. 

Gwen & Lily arrived a couple of days ago.


They are just taped up there in their plastic protective covering right now.  I need to find frames now to dress them up, but how adorable are they?!

The changing table area is quite a mess, but I’m making progress there too.  I plan on making some kind of thing to hold all of Kennedy’s bows, not that she can wear them yet, but she will someday!  It will be to the bottom-left of the mirror to help fill some of that dead space


Notice the other new art up there?

I found these two adorable vintage authentic Hummel prints at a local thrift shop a few months ago.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but I couldn’t pass them up, especially for less than $3 each.

They came framed and I just spruced them up with some high gloss black paint.

I also picked up a few more room accessories at Target the other day.  Is there anything better than Target clearance?  Apparently I think that my checking account is bottomless so long as what I want is 50% off.


Okay, I wasn’t by myself, but Kennedy was sleeping most of the time and I did have an iced coffee in hand. I even kept to my budget and didn’t grab every single thing I wanted!  *you may applause me now*

But really, I got a few fun pieces for the room and I can taste the finish line!  So close to being finished!


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