A little bit of everything

A little bit of everything

It’s been a minute since I’ve given an update, so here I am.  This is a modge podge of a blog post.

1st-the good ol’ half bath.

I am having THE hardest time getting good pictures in this dark room.  There isn’t any sunlight because the screened-in-porch is behind it, so this is what I could get.  I have to admit, I am SO PROUD of the crown molding and chair rail.  It’s so much harder to do than it looks!

Here’s what I did–

  • attempted beadboard & discovered that it is nearly impossible to put up in such a small room with so many edges to cut around.  scrapped that idea (& a bunch of beadboard. ouch $) & went with a high quality beadboard wallpaper.  $20 for one roll which perfectly covered the space!
  • painted walls dark, masculine gray
  • added chair railing–4ft
  • added crown molding w/ corner pieces
  • used a stripper to remove the gloss on the vanity, the re-stained it with minwax jacobean.
  • spray painted light fixture oil-rubbed-bronze and added new globes. ($15 for the pair at home depot. I got the spray guns from YourAmazingCar.)
  • spray painted cabinet hardware oil-rubbed-bronze
  • added a “frame” to the mirror with frosted glass spray paint. blog post about that here.
  • added privacy with this DIY project
  • used a shower curtain from World Market as a curtain

2nd- Appliances are here!

But they’re sitting in my basement until we save the moolah to tackle the kitchen reno.  We should be up for it in the next few months!


My amazing husband finished the floors upstairs and they look amazing! This is just a quick sneak-peek.

4th-a bear?

This is the newest addition to our family that will live in Alex’s office…much to my chagrin.

Alex’s grandpa killed it years ago and it was just passed down to Alex.  Apparently it’s going to be going on the wall.  I think if the head weren’t on it I wouldn’t be so weirded out….oh well!

Well, that’s it for now.  We’re in a waiting time of saving for the kitchen.  Any tips on where to get a good deal on countertops?

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