Our 1st Flip House is Finished!

Our 1st Flip House is Finished!

I started writing this post three days ago before my computer died.   I originally wrote that we were “2 days away from listing!”…. but fast forward to this morning and I can say that the flip house went live on MLS last night around dinner time and we’ve already had one showing this morning!  I hope that’s a sign of this being a quick sell.

So here we are with the final reveal.

Remember the sad, heart-breaking before?



If you recall, I had the green roof to work with so I got some help from residential roofing professionals like Bondoc Roofing in San Antonio. (Pardon the harsh lighting and shadows.  We were in a time crunch to get these taken and to our realtor.)

If you are considering a DIY project for your house or if you’re planning to make repairs to existing doors and windows, then you may not have given much thought to using weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is the process of adding a protective coating to your doors and windows in order to keep them in good condition for longer and to make them more energy efficient. Here are some things that you should take into consideration when choosing weatherstripping for your home:




siding colordoor & window colorplanterslight

The view from the backyard is so beautiful.  It’s wooded and has a creek, then beyond that is farm land.  In order to get our houses at the higher end of the comps we decided to add a deck with some decorative wooden birdhouses.



The hardest part about adding decks is figuring out where to put the access to them.  There was no room off the back of the house except from the bedrooms, but I didn’t think it would be best to have the only access to a deck be through a bedroom where we installed AC by with the help from a contractor like Buric Heating and Air Conditioning. Alternatively, you can visit https://macvik.com/ and see if they service your location for whenever you need an ac repair.

I wanted to make a walkway between the utility/laundry room that is off the carport, but unfortunately the water heater and electric panel were in the way and it wasn’t in the budget to move those. So, we just upgraded our electric panels with the help of an electrician near Denver. If you’re looking for a reliable electrician, check out Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting here.  The compromise was to make a door off of the laundry/utility room.  The deck turned out great and I am so glad we decided to add it.  We were debating on which material to use for the deck railing and we ultimately decided to use wood because it fits better with the overall design of the house. Whoever buys this house will really get to enjoy the view. The potential buyers will also enjoy the benefits of us having already hired a conveyancing partner, navigate to this site to learn about them.


The kitchen cleaned up very nicely with a fresh coat of paint, new custom granite countertops and a crisp and clean backsplash that goes up and over the window.





cabinet colortilecountertops (white dunes)  – faucetlightknobs

New flooring installation and fresh paint (after sanding, mudding, sanding, priming, priming, priming…) gave the bedrooms, living and dining spaces a fresh, clean look thanks to professional painters.  It feels like a new build it’s so crisp and clean!



trim color – wall color – flooring


trim color – wall color – flooring




trim color – wall color – flooring


trim colorwall colorflooring


trim color – wall color – flooring

If you have a house with only one bathroom, it better be a pretty dang good bathroom, am I right?  I wish I had better before pictures because it felt so small, and it is small, but now it feels much wider and roomier than it did before.  And to be truthful, these after photos don’t do it justice.  It was such a hard space to photograph, but it is spacious and luxurious!

house flip




faucet – vanity – mirror – floor tile – bath/shower hardwarelight


faucet – vanity – mirror – floor tile – bath/shower hardware – light


faucet – vanity – mirror – floor tile – bath/shower hardware

Next time around I’d like to accessorize and stage a little bit to bring some life to the house.   Other than that, what do you think?!

Now I’m going to hold my breath until it’s sold and the new owner with a man and van top removals service  caring their things.  If you have any questions about the house, feel free to contact me in the comments or by email!  emilykirkmorrison at gmail dot com.


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  1. Oh Em! I am so proud of you! This house is amazing! Please don’t get too busy! I really need you to hire you for my basement Reno! Wink wink!

  2. Such an amazing transformation. The new house is beautiful! What is your going rate for remodeling homes?

  3. This is so cool Emily! I love this. The before pictures are just so terrible, and the renovation is beautiful! I love that it didn’t you scare away, and that you had a eye for totally transforming it into a place that is so peaceful.

  4. I’m extremely impressed how you turned this sad, yet strangely artistic house, into a very clean and new looking home. The deck access from the utility room was a very good idea! I love the kitchen and bathroom transformations! I hope by now it has sold.

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